British applied mathematics colloquium 2017


Ingrid Daubechies - James B. Duke Professor of Mathematics and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke

Duke undergraduates know professor Daubechies as an instructor of multivariable calculus. Beyond Duke she has become well-known for her study of wavelets, or mathematical functions with the ability to enhance image compression technology.

Pete Grindrod - Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford

Peter is part of the Oxford Mathematics institute, a department of pure and applied mathematics with over 170 faculty, research fellows and postdoctoral researchers studying and working across all fields of mathematics from Number Theory to understanding the mechanics of the human brain.

Rebecca Hoyle - Professor of Applied Mathematics, Director of Research, University of Southampton

Rebecca is an interdisciplinary mathematician working on dynamical processes in biology and social science. Her research is in evolutionary biology, biophysics, stochastic dynamics, dynamics on social networks and industrial ecology.

Karen Willcox - Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Karen is also Co-Director of the MIT Center for Computational Engineering and formerly the Associate Head of the MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Her research at MIT has produced scalable methods for model reduction and new multifidelity formulations for design under uncertainty. Karen will be presenting the Stewartson Memorial Lecture at BAMC 2017.

Beth Wingate - Professor of Mathematics at the University of Exeter

Beth's research interests are mainly in fluid mechanics, mathematics, and numerics for high performance computing. Her recent research is focused on physics of the Arctic Ocean, Aymptotic Parallel-in-Time methods for climate modeling and High Performance Computing, and the fluid mechanics of the slow/fast manifolds. Beth will be presenting the IMA Lighthill Lecture at BAMC 2017.