The Brain research group is headed by Dr Kathrin Cohen Kadosh, a lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience in the School of Psychology.

Dr Cohen Kadosh is the director of the Social Brain and Development lab at the University of Surrey which conducts research into the role of the microbiome and the gut-brain axis in social cognitive development in childhood and adolescence.

Current projects

Effect of Prebiotics on emotion processing at the behavioural and brain level

This faculty-funded project will look at the effect of prebiotic intake on emotion regulation abilities at the behavioural and brain level, with particular focus on possible interactions with nutrition and sleep.

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A very interesting article on social behaviour and the microbiome- especially during these times of social distanci…
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Very excited that this set of studies is now published: using neurofeedback to train emotion regulation brain netwo…
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“what is happening right now to children – most particularly the vulnerable, but far beyond too – will be a disgrac…
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School shut-out is crushing children and young people- thanks @SelfHarmNotts for this initiative!

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