Collaborate with us

Collaboration is one of the University of Surrey’s major strengths and values. Our approach helps us to develop strong and deep connections between academia and the wider business community and to use the knowledge, technology and skills available within the University to enhance industry competitiveness, productivity and performance.

What we do

We proactively promote business engagement and knowledge sharing in a range of different ways from the thought-leadership and game-changing research undertaken by academics.

If you are interested in exploring potential opportunities to collaborate with the University of Surrey, contact our Business Development team who will be happy to discuss your specific business needs and, drawing on the expertise of our world-class academics and research facilities, help create novel solutions.

We also support the development of contract research and joint funding applications to other funding bodies. Contact the Business Development team by email or by phone at 01483 683145.


Our aim is to deliver a strong network of close contacts and relationships that bring resource, skills and finance to drive growth in research income, teaching and commercial activity. 

Building your business success with our research excellence

Our Impact Acceleration Account scheme accelerates the exploitation of current or recently completed funded EPSRC research, through the increased engagement with key stakeholders and project partners.

Put your organisation one step ahead, work with us on innovative solutions to your research and development challenges. 

We can provide your organisation with a range of opportunities including:  

  • Innovative research outputs and the capability to match industrial needs
  • Access to funding for pilot projects
  • Increased speed and reduced costs of innovation via industry / academic exchange
  • Access to a wide range of laboratory facilities and academic expertise.