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Papers published in 2020

Aziani A., Berlusconi G., & Giommoni L. (forthcoming) A quantitative application of enterprise and social embeddedness theories to the transnational trafficking of cocaine in Europe. Deviant Behaviour. [pdf]

Brunton-Smith, I., Flatley, J., & Tarling, R. (forthcoming) Prevalence of sexual violence: a comparison of estimates from UK National Surveys. European Journal of Criminology. [pdf]

Brunton-Smith, I., Pina-Sanchez, J., & Li, G. (2020) Re-assessing the consistency of sentencing decisions in cases of Assault: Allowing for within court inconsistencies. British Journal of Criminology, 60(6): 1438-1459. [pdf]

Jackson, J., Brunton-Smith, I., Bradford, B., Posch, K., Rodriguez-Oliveira, T., and Sturgis, P. (forthcoming) Police Legitimacy and the Norm to Cooperate: Using a Mixed Effects Location-Scale Model to Estimate the Strength of Social Norms. Journal of Quantitative Criminology. [weblink]

McGuire, M. (forthcoming) The Laughing Policebot: Automation and the End of Policing. Policing & Society.

Pepper, M., Bullock., K., & McCarthy, D. (2020) Exploring the Role and Contribution of Police Support Volunteers in an English Constabulary. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice. [pdf]

Pina-Sanchez, J., and Brunton-Smith, I. (2020) ‘Reassessing the relationship between procedural justice and police legitimacy’ Law and Human Behavior, 44(5): 377-393. [word]

Pina-Sanchez, J., Brunton-Smith, I., & Li, G. (forthcoming) Mind the step: A More Insightful and Robust Analysis of the Sentencing Process in England and Wales under the New Sentencing Guidelines. Criminology and Criminal Justice. [pdf]

Santitissadeekorn, N., Lloyd, D., Short, M., & Delahaies, A. (2020) Approximate Filtering of conditional intensity process for Poisson count data: application to Urban Crime. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 144: 106850. [pdf]

Setty, E. (forthcoming) 'Confident' and 'hot' or 'desperate' and 'cowardly'? Meanings of young men's sexting practices in youth sexting culture. Journal of Youth Studies. [weblink]

Papers published in 2019

Adams, M., & McCarthy, D. (2019). Race and parenting in the context of youth incarceration. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 43(16): 175-192. [pdf]

Bullock, K., & Garland, J. (2019) The organisation doesn’t particularly consider itself responsible for you”: organisational support for officers injured in the line of duty and organisational (in)justice. Policing and Society, 1-17. [pdf]

Bullock, K., Garland, J., & Coupar, F. (2019) Police officer transitions to retirement in the United Kingdom: social identity, social support, and (in)justice. Policing and Society, 1-15. [pdf]

Hall, N. (2019) Blind Spot: evaluating the evolving threat of US far right extremist violence and assessing the law enforcement response. Jane’s Intelligence Review, March.

Joliffe, D., Farrington, D.P., Brunton-Smith, I., Loeber, R., Ahonen, L., & Paula Palacios, A. (2019) Depression, Anxiety and Delinquency: Results from the Pittsburgh Youth Study. Journal of Criminal Justice, 62: 42-49. [weblink]

McCarthy, D., & Adams, M. (2019). “Yes, I can still parent. Until I die, he will always be my son”: Parental responsibility in the wake of child incarceration. Punishment and Society, 21(1): 89-106. [weblink]

McCarthy, D., & Adams, M (2019). Assessing the deployment of informal support networks for mothers of incarcerated young men. European Journal of Criminology. [weblink]

McGuire, M. (2019) Inter-theory Relations in the Social Science; Criminology as a physics of the social. Criminological Encounters 2(1). [weblink]

McGuire, M. (2019) Behind the Darknet Black Mirror, Industry Report, Bromium/HP. [pdf]

McGuire, M. (2019) Social Media Platforms and the Cybercrime Economy, Industry Report, Bromium/HP. [pdf]

Menichelli, F. (2019) Governing through vulnerability in austerity England. European Journal of Criminology, 1-18. [pdf]

Pina-Sanchez, J., Brunton-Smith, I., Grech, D., & Sferopoulos, D. (2019) Exploring the Origin of Sentencing Disparities in the Crown Court: Using Text Mining Techniques to Differentiate between Court and Judge Disparities. Social Science Research, 84: 1023-43. [pdf]

Setty, E. (2019) Meanings of Bodily and Sexual Expression in Youth Sexting Culture: Young Women’s Negotiation of Gendered Risks and Harms. Sex Roles, 80: 586-606. [pdf]

Setty, E. (2019) A Rights-Based Approach to Youth Sexting: Challenging Risk, Shame, and the Denial of Rights to Bodily and Sexual Expression Within Youth Digital Sexual Culture. International Journal of Bullying Prevention, 1: 298-311. [weblink]

Papers published in 2018

Brunton-Smith, I., & Bullock, K. (2018) Patterns and Drivers of Co-production in Neighbourhood Watch in England and Wales: From Neo-liberalism to New Localism. British Journal of Criminology, 59(1): 85-106. [weblink]

Brunton-Smith, I., Sturgis, P., & Leckie, G. (2018) How collective is collective efficacy? The importance of consensus in judgments about community cohesion and willingness to intervene. Criminology, 56(3): 608-637. [weblink]

Bullock, K. (2018) Retiring from the Police Service in England and Wales: A Multi-dimensional Perspective. Ageing and Society. [pdf]

Bullock, K., & Bunce, A. (2018) The Prison Don’t Talk to You about Getting Out of Prison: On Why Prisons in England and Wales Fail to Rehabilitate Prisoners. Criminology and Criminal Justice. [pdf]

Bullock, K., Bunce, A., & McCarthy, D. (2018) Making Good in Unpromising Places: The Development and Cultivation of Redemption Scripts Among Long-Term Prisoners. Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology

Hall, N. (2018) Hate crime, law, and law enforcement in a comparative context. Jane’s Intelligence Review, March.

Hamilton C., & Berlusconi G. (2018) Contagion, counterterrorism and criminology: The case of France. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 18(5): 568-584. [pdf]

McCarthy, D., & Adams, M. (2018) Can Family–Prisoner Relationships Ever Improve During Incarceration? Examining the Primary Caregivers of Incarcerated Young Men. The British Journal of Criminology59(2): 378-395. [weblink]

McCarthy, D., & Brunton-Smith, I. (2018) The Effect of Legitimacy on Prisoners’ Post-Release Desistance. Crime and Delinquency, 64(7): 917-938. [pdf]

McGuire, M. (2018) CONS, CONStructions and CONcepts of Computer Related Crime. Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice and Criminal Justice, 6(2): 137-156. [pdf]

McGuire, M. (2018) Beyond Flatland: Smart Cities, Stupefaction and Stultification. City, Territory and Architecture, 5(22). [weblink]

McGuire, M. (2018) Into the Web of Profit: Understanding the Growth of the Cybercrime Economy, Industry Report, Bromium. [pdf]

Menichelli, F. (2018) Transforming the English model of community safety: from crime and disorder to the safeguarding of vulnerable people. Criminology & Criminal Justice. [pdf]

Quick, M., Li, G., & Brunton-Smith, I. (2018) Crime-general and crime-specific spatial patterns: A multivariate spatial analysis of four crime types at the small-area scale. Journal of Criminal Justice, 58: 22-32. [pdf]

Santitissadeekorn, N., Short, M., & Lloyd, D. (2018) Sequential data assimilation for 1D self-exciting processes with application to urban crime data. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 128:163-183. [pdf]

Setty, E. (2018) Young people's attributions of privacy rights and obligations in youth sexting culture. International Journal of Communication, 12: 4533-4552. [pdf]

Skudder, H., Brunton-Smith, I., Druckman, A., Cole, J., & McInnes, A. (2018) The falling carbon footprint of acquisitive and violent offences. British Journal of Criminology, 58(2): 351-371. [weblink]

Skudder, H., Brunton-Smith, I., Tseloni, A., McInnes, A., Cole, J., Thompson, R., & Druckman, A. (2018) Can burglary prevention be low-carbon and effective? Investigating the environmental performance of burglary prevention measures. Security Journal, 31: 111-138. [weblink]


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