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The University of Surrey has long-standing history of collaboration, and the Centre of Excellence in Ageing aims to further grow the network. By partnering with the Global Initiative on Ageing and the wider United Nations as a whole, Surrey is taking a global approach to address the challenges of an ageing population. Collaboration enables us to undertake impactful research, drive innovation and influence policy, helping governments to put the right regulations in place to tackle full life course ageing.


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The University has established partners and have collaborations that span healthy and inclusive ageing policy, research, innovation and engagement. Additionally, our partners and collaborators exist at the local, national and international levels. Internationally, Surrey benefits from membership with the UGPN which includes international partners NC State University and University de Sao Paulo. This focuses around research projects, student and staff exchanges and visits which all create a fertile knowledge exchange.

The University of Surrey prides itself in its engagement with the civic agenda of its local and regional area. In connecting with the civil society, local government and commercial groups associated with whole-life ageing issues, the CEA is a new addition to the ‘civic landscape’, enabling the university to ensure healthy ageing research supports the civic needs of its own neighbourhood. For example, the University of Surrey has cultivated a strategic partnership with Surrey County Council, resulting in the implementation of a new Civic University Agreement.       

Strategic partnerships

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The Centre has recently partnered with the International Longevity Centre who are the UKs leading authority on the impact of longevity on society. Together with the CEA they share a focus on addressing the challenges and opportunities of ageing across the lifespan, and through the longevity dividend, generational policy and practice, and promoting diversity.


ILC News

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ILC is recruiting a Public Affairs and Events Intern, to support their communication and engagement across all of ILCs work areas.  This full-time, 12-month internship is a wonderful opportunity for the successful candidate to gain experience and skills which are of real value for careers in a variety of sectors.



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