Fiscal Stabilization Policy


This theme forms part of an ESRC-financed project “Monetary and Fiscal Policy Rules with Labour Market and Financial Frictions” running from, September 2010- September 2012.  It in turn builds on a previous ESRC-financed "Robust Monetary Policy Rules for the Open Economy", September 2005 – September 2007 which was graded ‘’Outstanding”.


The broad modelling strategy is to develop and estimate a new DSGE model that is suitable for the study of fiscal alongside monetary policy. The fiscal dimension, the centrepiece of the project, requires new transmission mechanisms that were absent in the earlier generation DSGE models, such as “deep habit’’, and proper attention to the fiscal consequences of unemployment.

We are proceeding with a core medium size model without this dimension, a fairly standard Christiano-Smets-Wouters type of New Keynesian DSGE closed-economy model with capital and staggered prices and wages. Then we are analysing separately the consequences of these new features for model fit and policy. The model is being estimated using US data by Bayesian- Maximum-Likelihood methods. Throughout, particular attention will be paid to robustness issues and to the information assumptions of agents, the policymaker and the econometrician.

A series of empirical studies complementary to the DSGE modelling investigates the size of the fiscal stimuli using a SVAR approach.


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