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Climate change and innovation

This research theme explores how innovation has become a key priority and challenge for business and policy makers in both advanced and developing economies.


With the effects of climate change growing more apparent, innovation is expected to play a major role in enabling national and subnational patterns of decarbonization. Yet, innovation is inherently complex because it involves many social, environmental and economic interacting variables. It thus requires a multidisciplinary approach. Innovation is both a panacea and a paradox - key economic driver and most viable mechanism to address sustainability and yet, also cause of many social, environmental problems, which in turn will need to be addressed.

Research projects

Diffusing social innovation in the energy sector: Waste-to-energy strategies in poor urban areas

Principal investigators: Lorena Rocha, Professor Susanna Borshiver, Dr Pietro Mendes

GeoEngineering and negative emissions pathways in Europe

Principal investigators: Professor Benjamin Sovacool, Professor Jeremy Hall, Dr Martin Schleper, Dr Stelvia Matos