CGPC: Research

Our research explores and critiques the dynamics of power competition between states. Bringing together perspectives from international relations, law, business, and economics, we seek to understand the scope and domains of intensifying inter-state competition, examine how methods of power analysis measure and construct that competition, and analyse the strategies states adopt under conditions of power competition.

Research projects

  • Economic sanctions:
    • China's sanctions risks 
    • Legality of secondary sanctions. 
  • Theorising Power Competition:
    • EWIS workshop 
    • Measuring power: strategic net assessment 
    • American decline. 
  • Middle powers 
  • Worldviews and generational change.

Doctoral study

If you're interested in doctoral study in any of the disciplinary areas covered by CGPC, please contact us at

Expert support

Information on how the University supports the academic and professional development of postgraduate researchers can be found on the Doctoral College website.