Power analysis and power shifts

Building on research into global power shifts and power transitions to create multi-dimensional conceptual and methodological tools for power assessment. 

Measuring power 

Despite widespread consensus that the international system is undergoing a significant shift in the distribution of power, there is significant debate around the extent and nature of those shifts, and the implications for the strategies of rising and declining powers alike.  

This theme clarifies the sources of empirical disagreement within the power shifts debate and evaluates strategic responses to power transition. This research underpins the development of conceptual foundations and operational tools to support rigorous programmes of strategic net assessment.   

Research outputs 

Concepts of Power in the American Decline Debate 

How appropriate are the theoretical underpinnings of assessments of American decline? 

Grand Strategic Responses to Decline 

How do major states adjust their foreign policies to real or perceived decline in their relative power position?

Concepts for Strategic Net Assessment 

How can states assess the trajectory of their international power position?