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Recognition and Vision Library

The Recognition and Vision Library (RAVL) provides a base C++ class library together with a range of computer vision, pattern recognition, audio and supporting tools. It is provided under the Lesser GNU Public License and is hosted by SourceForge.

RAVL was originally developed here at the Centre. Subsequently it was moved into the public domain to support its use in a wider community.

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Some of the features that set RAVL apart from other C++ libraries are:

  • SMP/thread-safe reference counting, allowing easy construction of large programs that takes full advantage of multiprocessor servers
  • Powerful I/O mechanism, allowing issues for file formats and type conversion to be handled transparently, separately from the main code
  • JAVA-like class interfaces which largely avoid the direct use of pointers, allowing code to be written in a clear, readable style
  • Easy-to-use and powerful make system suitable for building both large and small projects.

Supported platforms

RAVL is written in ANSI C++ and is intended to work on a wide range of platforms and compilers. Currently it is actively maintained under:

Operating systemProcessorCompiler
Linuxi386GNU gcc v. 4.4.3
Windowsi386Visual Studio 2005

In the past it was also maintained under these platforms:

Operating systemProcessorCompiler
SolarisSparcGNU gcc v. 3.3


RAVL is being used by a (small) number of organisations:

Frequently asked questions

Please see the RAVL FAQs if you have any questions about this resource


RAVL was originally derived from AMMA, written by Radek Marik with help from many other members of CVSSP. The work of porting AMMA to RAVL was largely undertaken by Charles Galambos, again with help from other members of CVSSP. The RavlMath library includes ccmath, written by Daniel A. Atkinson. RAVL is currently maintained by members of CVSSP and Omniperception.