Research staff (continued)

Name Role Phone Email Room
Julia Ponce Gonzalez Postdoctoral Research Fellow  

Emeritus staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Angela Danil-de-Namor Emeritus Professor Physical Chemistry 01483 689581 05 AZ 02
Robert Slade Emeritus Professor of Inorganic and Materials Chemistry 01483 682588 24 AZ 02

PhD students


Name Role Phone Email Room
Max Attwood PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Turner)  
Naomi Baker PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Felipe-Sotelo)  
Talia Berg PhD student (Supervisor: Prof Ward)  
Nathanial Bingham PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Roth)  
Emma Braysher PhD student (Supervisor: Prof Read)  
Adam Bromley PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Whelligan)  
Nicolas Busatto PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Roth)  
Janella de Jesus PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Bailey)  
Lorraine Ezra PhD Student (Supervisor: Prof. Mulholland)  
Cecile Frampas PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Bailey)  
Nicholas Gante PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Sacchi)  
Mahado Ismail PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Melanie Bailey)  
Mohammed Isyaka PhD student (Supervisor: Prof Mulholland)  
Maisarah Jaafar PhD student (Supervisor: Prof Ward)  
Emily James PhD student (Supervisor: Prof. Mulholland)  
Min Jang PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Bailey)  
Laura Kent PhD student (Supervisors: Drs. Crean and Watson)  
Benjamin Kyffin PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Carta)  
Thu Mai PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Whelligan)  
Eduard Mas PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Whelligan)  
Efi Mavrogiannaki PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Whelligan)  
Hibaaq Mohamud PhD student (Supervisors: Prof Regan and Prof Ward)  
Emily Rastrick PhD student (Supervisor: Prof Read)  
Maryam Sairi PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Howlin)  
Viktoria Sebok PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Roth)  
Rachel Smith PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Crean)  
Mona Sweilam PhD student (Supervisor: Dr Crean)  
Elsje van Es PhD student (Supervisor: Prof Read)  
Fernanda Vanoni Matta PhD student (Supervisor: Prof Ward)  
Benjamin Webster PhD student (Supervisor: Prof Read)  
Hannah Whitmore PhD student (Supervisor: Prof. Mulholland)  
Victoria Frankland PhD student   

Technical Support staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Rachida Bance-Soualhi Technician (Energy Materials Lab)  
Maria Chapman Undergraduate Laboratories 01483 686472 29 AY 01
Daniel Driscoll Experimental Officer for Separation Sciences 01483 689907 10 AZ 03
Judy Peters Research Support Manager 01483 682581 10 AZ 03
Jaspreet Kaur Sihra Technician  
Qinmin Zhang Experimental Officer: Instrumentation 01483 686852 10 AZ 03

Visiting staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Henryk Herman Visiting Research Fellow  
Kajally Jobe Visiting Lecturer in Industrial Chemistry  
Bill Lockley Organic Synthesis, Isotope Labelling 01483 686828 30 AZ 02

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