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Meet the department

Head of Department

Ian Cunningham profile image

Dr Ian Cunningham

Senior Teaching Fellow in Chemistry, Head of Department of Chemistry

Adrian Dobbs profile image

Professor Adrian Dobbs

Professor of Organic Chemistry and Head of School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Academic staff

Maya Al Sid Cheikh profile image

Dr Maya Al Sid Cheikh

Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry

Melanie Bailey profile image

Professor Melanie Bailey

Theme Leader for Health and Food Technologies, EPSRC Fellow, and Reader in Analytical Science

Nathaniel Bingham profile image

Dr Nathaniel Bingham

Lecturer in Chemistry

Dr Daniela Carta

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Carol Crean profile image

Dr Carol Crean

Reader in Physical and Materials Chemistry

Dr Monica Felipe-Sotelo

Lecturer in Radiation and Analytical Chemistry

Brendan Howlin profile image

Professor Brendan Howlin

Professor of Computational Chemistry

Professor Dulcie Mulholland

Professor of Organic Chemistry

David Read profile image

Professor David Read

Professor of Radiochemistry

Ian Riddlestone profile image

Dr Ian Riddlestone

Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

Peter Roth profile image

Dr Peter Roth

Senior Lecturer in Applied Organic/Polymer Chemistry and School Postgraduate Research Director

Marco Sacchi profile image

Dr Marco Sacchi

Royal Society University Research Fellow, Principal Research Fellow in Physical and Computational Chemistry, Theme Leader in Sustainable Energy and Materials Research

Patrick Sears profile image

Dr Patrick Sears

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and Forensic Analysis

Scott Turner profile image

Dr Scott Turner

Senior Lecturer in Solid State Materials, Director of Learning and Teaching for Chemistry

John Varcoe profile image

Professor John Varcoe

Professor in Materials Chemistry and Director of Research

David Watson profile image

Dr David Watson

Senior Lecturer in Physical and Materials Chemistry and Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

Daniel Whelligan profile image

Dr Daniel Whelligan

Senior Lecturer in Organic/Medicinal Chemistry

James Wright profile image

Dr James Wright

Lecturer in Physical, Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry

Research staff

Dr Victoria Frankland

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Agron Hoxha profile image

Dr Agron Hoxha

Postdoctoral Researcher

Holly-May Lewis profile image

Dr Holly-May Lewis

Research Fellow

Dr Winnie Tang

Postdoctoral research fellow

Postgraduate research students

Daniel Baqer

Postgraduate Research Student

Claire Davison

Postgraduate Research Student

Cecile Frampas profile image

Cecile Frampas

Postgraduate Research Student

Roisin Guthrie

Postgraduate Research Student

Hannah Jefford

Postgraduate Research Student

Yuman Li

Postgraduate Research Student

Katie Longman

Postgraduate Research Student

Mason Malloy

Postgraduate Research Student

Simone Mathias

Postgraduate Research Student

Roma Mulholland

Postgraduate Research Student

Athanasios Nikolaou

Postgraduate Research Student

Qamar Nisa

Postgraduate Research Student

Anthony Payne

Postgraduate Research Student

Marcus Purse

Postgraduate Research Student

Jason Raymond

Postgraduate Research Student

Hammy Salam

Postgraduate Research Student

Matt Spick

Postgraduate Research Student

Charlotte Vale profile image

Charlotte Vale

Postgraduate Research Student

Emeritus staff

Angela Danil de Namor profile image

Professor Angela Danil de Namor

Emeritus Professor Physical Chemistry

Bob Slade profile image

Professor Bob Slade

Professor (Chemical Technology) and Professor Emeritus

Neil Ward profile image

Professor Neil Ward

Emeritus Professor in Analytical Chemistry

Visiting staff

Richard Allington profile image

Professor Richard Allington

Visiting Professor of Chemistry

Dr Chris Amodio

Senior Teaching Fellow of Chemistry

Kajally Jobe profile image

Dr Kajally Jobe

Visiting Lecturer of Industrial Chemistry

Dr Moses Langat

Visiting Research Fellow of Chemistry

William Lockley profile image

Professor William Lockley

Visiting Professor of Chemistry

Dr Eduard Mas Claret

Visiting Research Fellow of Chemistry

Professor Spencer Taylor

Professor of Surface and Colloid Chemistry