Chemistry and chemical engineering visiting staff

Take a look at our chemistry and chemical engineering visiting staff.

Visiting staff

Richard Allington profile image

Professor Richard Allington

Visiting Professor of Chemistry

Dr Chris Amodio

Senior Teaching Fellow of Chemistry

Colin Hare profile image

Dr Colin Hare

Visiting Senior Lecturer of Chemical Engineering

Kajally Jobe profile image

Dr Kajally Jobe

Visiting Lecturer of Industrial Chemistry

William Lockley profile image

Professor William Lockley

Visiting Professor of Chemistry

Husseen Manafikhi profile image

Dr Husseen Manafikhi

Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Eduard Mas Claret

Visiting Research Fellow of Chemistry

Laura Pastor Pérez profile image

Dr Laura Pastor Perez

Senior Research Fellow of Chemical Engineering

Tomas Ramirez Reina profile image

Dr Tomas Ramirez Reina

Visiting Professor of Chemical and Process Engineering

Jonathan Seville profile image

Professor Jonathan Seville

Visiting Professor of Chemical Engineering

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