We are a friendly department of academic staff, research staff, tutors and administrators, with additional dedicated staff within the Faculty and the University to support us. We are also proud to have strong links with people in industry who provide support for our activities through our Industrial Advisory Board or through guest lectures in our undergraduate or postgraduate modules.

General enquiries:

Denise Myers - tel: +44(0)1483 686058

Research staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Konstantinos Eftaxias KTP Associate 01483 686179 24 BB 02
Brian Gardner Research Fellow 01483 682627 23 BB 02
Shenkai Gu KTP Associate (Research Fellow), Secure Systems 01483 684835 28 BB 02
Jinguang Han Research Fellow, Secure Systems  
Handing Wang Research Fellow  
Su Wang Research Staff, NICE 01483 682206 25 BB 02
Stephan Wesemeyer Research Fellow, Secure Systems 01483 682263 36 BB 02
Haiyue Yuan Research Fellow 01483 686085 27 BB 02

Research students

Name Role Phone Email Room
Nihal Abuzinadah Research Student, NICE (collaborative)  
Hanan Alghamdi Research Student, NICE 01483 682206 25 BB 02
Nada Almani Research Student, NICE (collaborative) 01483 682650 34 BB 02
Hind Almisbahi Research Student, NICE (collaborative)  
Saeed Ibrahim Saeed Alqahtani Research Student 01483 686085 27 BB 02
Asmaa Alshenkity Research Student, NICE (collaborative)  
Vivek Bokinala Research Student, NICE 01483 682650 34 BB 02
Kate Craig-Wood Research Student, NICE (part-time)  
Nada El Kassem Research Student 01483 682650 34 BB 02
Daniel Gardham PhD Student, Secure Systems  
Matthias Kannwischer Research Student, Secure Systems  
Thomas Morgan PhD Student, Secure Systems  
John O'Loughlin Research Student (part-time); FEPS Service Delivery Team Leader 01483 686112 j.o' 26 BB 03
Doaa Talal Sinnari Research Student, NICE 01483 686056 18 BB 02
Jorden Whitefield Research Student, SS 01483 682650 34 BB 02
Guo Yu Research Student, NICE  
Patrick Hough Research Student  

Visiting researchers

Name Role Phone Email Room
Yu Chen Visiting Researcher  
Spencer Thomas Visiting researcher 01483 683617 36 BC 02
Xi Zhao Visiting Researcher  
Liang Zhao Visiting Researcher  

Visiting staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Malcolm Beattie Senior Fellow  
Gloria Benson Visiting Professor  
Chris Culnane Visiting Research Fellow  
Julian Fells Senior Fellow  
Steve Legg Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor 01483 684836 20 BB 02
Shujun Li Visiting Professor 01483 686057 07 BB 02
Jon Machtynger RAEng Visiting Professor in AI and Cloud Innovation  
Markus Olhofer Visiting Professor  
Tunde Peto Visiting Reader      
Peter Y Ryan Visiting Professor      
George M Saleh Visiting Professor      
Saeid Sanei Visiting Reader  
Anna Vartapetiance Visiting Staff 01483 682261 06 BB 02
Adrian Waller Visiting Professor  
Tom Williamson Visiting Professor      
Alan Woodward Visiting Professor