Our team produce world-leading research in collaboration with business, government, and academic institutions in a cross-disciplinary partnership to deliver insights into a range of research themes.


Research themes

Our key research clusters span a diverse range of subject matters. 

Digital platforms and new business ecosystems

  • Business strategy in the age of digital competition
  • Digital platform innovation
  • Digital platforms and international development
  • Digital platforms, ecosystems performance and governance
  • Digital value creation and capture and digital business models
  • Ecosystems emergence and evolution

Digital transformation of government

  • Digital government
  • Open data and digital transformation in the public sector
  • Open data, digital transformation and innovation in the public sector

Entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Emerging working practices in the digital age
  • Entrepreneurial finance, venture capital and business angel
  • Failure and legitimacy in entrepreneurship
  • Gender and entrepreneurship
  • Scale-ups in the digital economy

Ethics and privacy of big data

  • Artificial intelligence and business decision making
  • Ethics and AI
  • Governance and business responsibilities of digitalisation
  • Responsible innovation in the digital economy

Social innovation and sustainability

  • Cultural entrepreneurship in global challenges
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Social impact investing and responsible management
  • Sustainable innovation for social inclusion
  • Unintended consequences of innovation and entrepreneurship

Social media

  • Automation and the digital advertising ecosystem
  • Emotions, communication and interactions in social media platforms
  • Evolution of social media platforms

Research projects

Digitally projected tablet screen

Centre of Digital Economy

We drive forward joint projects with the Centre of Digital Economy to leverage the opportunities created by the digital economy to enhance society. Together we push the boundaries of knowledge and management practice through cutting-edge research and engagement with business and government.