Surrey assessment and learning lab

The Surrey Assessment and Learning Lab conducts research into how people learn, how best to assess the products and process of learning, and how feedback can lead to long-term learning gain. The lab is based within the Department of Higher Education.

Our research

Our research focuses on the process and practice of education, seeking to explore how best to facilitate and sustain learning in a diverse range of contexts. Central to the facilitation and sustainability of learning are assessment and feedback, which form a particular area of interest of the Assessment and Learning Lab.

Some of our current projects are seeking to answer the questions:

How do people learn?

  • How effective is peer collaboration?
  • How should we teach study skills? 
  • How can virtual reality support learning?
  • How effective is inclusive education?

How should we assess the products and process of learning?

  • How can assessment promote the development of self-regulation?
  • How do markers reach judgements when grading work?
  • How should external examiners be trained?

How can feedback lead to long-term learning gain?

  • How does the brain process feedback information?
  • How can we facilitate student learning through feedback?
  • How is feedback communicated? 
  • What factors influence student engagement with feedback?

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Congratulations to lab member @danidietitian, who has just submitted her first ever research article! 👏🎉

Feedback Engagement and Tracking at Surrey (FEATS)

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The Developing Engagement with Feedback Toolkit (DEFT) 16-19

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