Current projects

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Everybody hurts: Sharing feedback experiences through ‘intellectual candour’ to develop staff and student feedback literacy

This project explores the value of staff and students sharing experiences of feedback through the process of 'intellectual candour'.

Exploring students’ unlearning development, during transitions into and through higher education

This project explores how we might begin to conceptualise how students unlearn as they transition into and through higher education.

Students' memory for feedback

This project explores how much of their assessment feedback students subsequently remember, and whether they are more likely to remember some types of feedback over others.

Maximising student success through the development of self-regulation

  • Collaboration with the University of Southampton and Kingston University.
  • Funded by: HEFCE Catalyst Fund B

This project tests the impact of assessment and feedback practices that support the development of self-regulation in level 4 undergraduate students.

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How are cultures of feedback practice shaped by accountability and quality assurance agendas?

  • Funded by: Society for Research into Higher Education

This project explores the use of different approaches to assessment and feedback, and seeks to understand how factors such as student satisfaction metrics and quality assurance processes influence the practices adopted by academics.

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Feedback footprints: using learning analytics to support student engagement with, and learning from, feedback

  • Funded by: HEFCE Catalyst Fund A

This project involves the design and evaluation of a feedback portfolio embedded in a virtual learning environment. The Feedback engagement and tracking at Surrey (FEATS) portfolio supports students to synthesise multiple pieces of feedback, to access tools and resources to support their skill development, and to develop interactive action plans. For more information, please email

Cognitive biases in the recipience of past- and future-oriented feedback

  • Collaboration with Aston University.
  • Funded by: Leverhulme Trust

This project explores the types of feedback information that people are most likely to remember and implement, using experimental and eye-tracking methods.

Decision-making in educational assessment

  • Collaboration with AQA Examination Board.
  • Funded by: ESRC CASE

This project applies the dual-process theory of decision making to the assessment process, using eye-tracking and think-aloud methods to better understand the cognitive processes underlying evaluative judgment.

Bridging the gap: the construction of shared meaning through feedback

  • Funded by: Staff and Educational Development Association

This project investigates the messages conveyed and received through feedback between markers and their students, and the role that interaction between the two can play in the co-construction of meaning.

Examining the examiner: investigating the assessment literacy of external examiners

  • Funded by: Society for Research into Higher Education

This project investigates the assessment literacy demonstrated by external examiners in UK higher education and aims to initiate a dialogue surrounding the development of a shared discourse of assessment literacy.