Find out about previous and forthcoming events at the Surrey Assessment and Learning Lab.

Previous events

  • Learning lunch with Rachel Stead, September 2018 - Learning and teaching with lego
  • Learning lunch with Gabriel Reedy, July 2018 - There’s nothing so practical as a good theory
  • The science of assessment and feedback, June 2018
  • Unravelling Assessment and Feedback Literacy Symposium, June 2018
  • Learning lunch with Edd Pitt, April 2018 - The effects of emotional backwash in feedback situations: experiences of UK undergraduates
  • Learning lunch with Annie Hughes, February 2018 - Social justice in our learning and teaching practices: attainment gaps, normative practice, and inclusive curricula
  • Learning lunch with Doris Dippold, January 2018 - Internationalisation at home: where are we now, where should we be?
  • Learning lunch with DHE/DTEL, December 2017 - Students as partners: co-design approaches to educational innovation
  • Learning lunch with Liz Cable, November 2017 - Escape the classroom!
  • Learning lunch with Jo Batey, September 2017Exploring bias in assignment feedback – What’s in a name?