Professional services

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Administrative staff


Natasha Partt

School Administration Manager


Joanna Moore

Senior School Administrator / Templeton Project Officer

Elizabeth Jones

School Administrator (currently on maternity leave)

Cressida Briggs

Senior Administrative Officer - FEPS Academic Hive

Research staff

Lisa Fletcher

NuSec Research Network Administrator

Outreach staff

Samantha Weston

SEPnet Outreach and Ogden Science Officer

Dr Elizabeth Cunningham

STFC Outreach Officer

South East Physics Network (SEPnet) staff


Cristobel Soares

SEPnet Graduate Network Director and SEPnet SME-DTN Project Manager

Claire Whitehouse

Dr Claire Whitehouse

Employability and Professional Skills Adviser

Technical support staff


Sarah Heisig

Physics Laboratory Superintendent

Dr Imane Strudwick

Laboratory Technician

John-William Brown

Physics Radiation Technician

Angela Battley

Undergraduate Physics Laboratory Technician

Dr Michelle Willows

Dr Michelle Willows

Radiation Physics Laboratory Supervisor


Dr Agata Gajewicz-Jaromin

Physics Soft Matter Research Laboratory Technician

Dr Stephen Downes

Dr Stephen Downes

ATI Laser and Photonics Laboratories Research Technician

Prabodhi Nanayakkara

Teaching Laboratory Technician