Mathematics and physics academic staff

Take a look at what our mathematics and physics academic staff are currently doing in their fields.

Head of School

Adam Amara profile image

Professor Adam Amara

Head of School of Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics academic staff

Professor Philip Aston

Professor of Mathematics

Werner Bauer profile image

Dr Werner Bauer

Lecturer in Mathematics

Dorje C Brody profile image

Professor Dorje Brody

Professor in Mathematics

Bin Cheng profile image

Dr Bin Cheng

Senior Lecturer

Carina Dunlop profile image

Dr Carina Dunlop

Senior Lecturer

Dr Audrey Kueh

Teaching Fellow

David J.B. Lloyd profile image

Professor David Lloyd

Professor in Mathematics

Camilla Nobili profile image

Dr Camilla Nobili

Lecturer in Mathematics

Andrea Prinsloo profile image

Dr Andrea Prinsloo

Lecturer (teaching track) in Mathematics

Dr James Roberts

Teaching Fellow in Mathematics

Naratip Santitissadeekorn profile image

Dr Naratip Santitissadeekorn

Senior Lecturer in Data Assimilation

Anne Skeldon profile image

Professor Anne Skeldon

Professor of Mathematics

Cesare Tronci profile image

Dr Cesare Tronci

Associate Professor

Matthew Turner profile image

Dr Matthew Turner

Associate Professor in Mathematics

Dr Martin Wolf

Associate Professor

Professor Sergey Zelik

Programme Leader

Physics academic staff

Jim Al-Khalili profile image

Professor Jim Al-Khalili

Distinguished Chair in Physics, Professor of Public Engagement in Science, Quantum Foundations and Technologies Research Group Leader

Wooli Bae profile image

Dr Wooli Bae

Lecturer in Experimental Soft Matter Physics

Wilton Catford profile image

Professor Wilton Catford

Professor, Research Group Leader of Experimental Nuclear Physics

Steven Clowes profile image

Professor Steven Clowes

Director of Physics, Quantum Foundations and Technologies Research Group

Michelle Collins profile image

Dr Michelle Collins

Reader (Associate Professor)

Payel Das profile image

Dr Payel Das

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

Alexis Diaz-Torres profile image

Dr Alexis Diaz Torres

Reader in Nuclear Theory, modelling slow reactions of atomic nuclei which is key to understanding both energy generation and element creation in stars.

Daniel Doherty profile image

Dr Daniel Doherty

Associate Professor

Denis Erkal profile image

Dr Denis Erkal

Reader (Associate Professor) of Astrophysics

David Faux profile image

Professor David Faux

Professor of Physics

Marian Florescu profile image

Professor Marian Florescu

Professor of Physics

Eran Ginossar profile image

Dr Eran Ginossar

Associate Professor

Alessia Gualandris profile image

Dr Alessia Gualandris

Associate Professor

Isabella Guido profile image

Dr Isabella Guido

Senior Lecturer in Experimental Biological Physics

Dr Jack Henderson

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

Robert Izzard profile image

Dr Robert Izzard

Senior Lecturer

Izabela Jurewicz profile image

Dr Izabela Jurewicz

Lecturer in Soft Matter

Joseph Keddie profile image

Professor Joseph Keddie

Professor of Soft Matter Physics

Konstantin (Constantine) Litvinenko profile image

Dr Konstantin Litvinenko

Research Fellow and Teaching Fellow in Physics

Gavin Lotay profile image

Professor Gavin Lotay

Professor, Director of Research and Innovation

Lisa Morrison profile image

Dr Lisa Morrison

Lecturer in Physics

Ben Murdin profile image

Professor Benedict Murdin

Professor of Physics, Head of the Photonics and Quantum Sciences Group

Noelia E. D. Noël profile image

Dr Noelia Noel

Senior Lecturer, PhD in Astrophysics

Silvia Pani profile image

Dr Silvia Pani

Senior Lecturer in Applied Radiation Physics

Justin Read profile image

Professor Justin Read

Early Career Researcher Lead and Chair of Astrophysics

Patrick Regan profile image

Professor Patrick Regan

NPL Professor of Nuclear Metrology

Andrea Rocco profile image

Dr Andrea Rocco

Associate Professor (Reader) in Physics and Mathematical Biology

Jesús Rubio profile image

Dr Jesús Rubio Jiménez

Surrey Future Fellow

Richard Sear profile image

Dr Richard Sear

Associate Professor (aka Reader), Soft Matter, Biological and Medical Physics Group leader

Paul Sellin profile image

Professor Paul Sellin

Professor of Physics

Caroline Shenton-Taylor profile image

Dr Caroline Shenton-Taylor

Senior Lecturer in Applied Nuclear Physics

Paul Stevenson profile image

Professor Paul Stevenson

Professor of Physics, AWE William Penney Fellow

Esra Yuksel profile image

Dr Esra Yuksel

Lecturer in Theoretical Nuclear Physics