Mathematics and physics research staff

Take a look at what our mathematics and physics research staff are currently working on.

Mathematics research staff

Paul Bergold profile image

Dr Paul Bergold

Research Fellow in Coupled Quantum-Classical Dynamics

Stanisław Waldemar Biber profile image

Dr Stanislaw Biber

Research Fellow in the Mathematical Modelling of Neurological Conditions and the Optimization of Deep Brain Stimulation

Aravind Kumar Kamaraj profile image

Dr Aravind Kumar Kamaraj

Research Fellow in Mathematical Modelling, Model data fusion, Machine Learning and Human Circadian Rhythms

Peter Williams

Statistics Consultant

Delyan Zhelyazov profile image

Dr Delyan Zhelyazov

Research Fellow in Mixed Quantum-Classical Hydrodynamics

Physics research staff

Abhishek profile image

Dr A Abhishek

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Catxere Casacio profile image

Dr Catxere Andrade Casacio

Research Fellow in Experimental Quantum Biology

Bharti Bhoy profile image

Dr Bharti Bhoy

Research Fellow

Yuxiu (Phil) Chen profile image

Dr Yuxiu Chen

Research Fellow

Amery Gration profile image

Dr Amery Gration

Research Fellow

Thomas Guff

Research Fellow in Quantum Thermodynamics

Murat Kurudirek profile image

Professor Murat Kurudirek

Marie-Curie Fellow in Physics

Nguyen Le profile image

Dr Nguyen Le

Research Fellow

Juerong (Nicole) Li profile image

Dr Juerong Li

ADDRFSS Project Manager

Igor Marko profile image

Dr Igor Marko

Research Fellow

Ali Raza Mirza profile image

Dr Ali Raza Mirza

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Open Quantum Systems

Dr Sara Naderizadeh

Research Fellow

Ruchi Saxena profile image

Ruchi Saxena

Research Fellow

Priya Sharma profile image

Dr Priya Sharma

Research Fellow in Hybrid Quantum Systems

Natalia Timofeyuk profile image

Dr Natalia Timofeyuk

Senior Research Fellow

Eugene Vasiliev profile image

Dr Eugene Vasiliev

STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow Astrophysics