Professor Joseph Keddie

Professor of Soft Matter Physics
MS, PhD (Cornell University, USA); BA, BS (Alfred University, USA)


Areas of specialism

Soft matter physics, with a special interest in waterborne colloids and polymer thin films; Techniques to probe soft matter include NMR profiling and diffusometry, ellipsometry, and ion beam analysis, along with a range of microscopies.; Applications of colloids in adhesives, coatings and nanocomposites

University roles and responsibilities

  • Senator representing the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • Senior Tutor for Professional Training for Physics

My qualifications

PhD in Materials Science and Engineering
Cornell University (USA)
MS in Materials Science and Engineering
Cornell University (USA)
BS in Ceramic Engineering
BA in English
Alfred University (USA)

Business, industry and community links

Chemicals, polymers, and coatings industry
Consultant to industry on film formation and applications of polymer colloids; presenter of workshops for training


Research interests

Research collaborations

Indicators of esteem

My teaching

My publications


  • Our paper in Physical Review Letters on "Dynamic Stratification in Drying Films of Colloidal Mixtures," has an Altmetric score of 689 (in the 99th percentile for publications of a similar age). We report our discovery a mechanism for stratification in which small colloidal particles accumulate on a layer of larger particles.


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Additional publications