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Published: 23 November 2023

New funding for the future of sustainable packaging

Fibre bottles with a waterproof interior coating could significantly reduce carbon emissions compared to glass and plastic packaging alternatives.

Researchers at the University of Surrey will contribute to a new two-year study to help develop these new coatings from recovered natural, biological sources which can be delivered on a commercial scale.

Photo: Pulpex Ltd.


Funded by Innovate UK, the study is being led by Pulpex Ltd - world leaders in sustainable packaging, based in Sawston, Cambridgeshire.

Joe Keddie, Professor of Soft Matter Physics and Fellow of the Institute for Sustainability said:

“I am very enthusiastic about this new project, which will lead to truly sustainable packaging for liquids, relying only on natural materials and avoiding the use of plastics derived from petroleum.  This new project aligns perfectly with the vision of the university’s Institute for Sustainability, which is at the forefront of interdisciplinary sustainability research.”

Pulpex has already shown it can manufacture fibre bottles at scale which can be readily recycled via existing paper waste streams, reducing the amount of plastic going into the environment.  The new project aims to develop coatings for the inside of the bottles from natural, biological sources.

Scott Winston, CEO of Pulpex, said: 

“This recent endorsement from Innovate UK to better use industrial waste sources to deliver high performance chemical functionality, firmly establishes Pulpex, CuanTec and CelluComp Ltd as R&D powerhouses in the world of sustainable packaging.  Working alongside the other partners within the Pulpex UK Bioscience Initiative (University of Surrey, RSSL, Bangor University Biocomposites Centre, Scitech Adhesive Systems Ltd and Diageo), we’re helping create a more sustainable future.”


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