Schools and colleges

Discover how we work with schools – from primary through to sixth form – to provide lectures and hands-on workshops, both at your school and on the University of Surrey campus.

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Events by level

Pre-school and early years

We run a storytelling session for pre-school and early years children throughout the academic year.

Primary schools

We run various activities for primary school students throughout the academic year.

A number of simple experiments (PDF) that can be done with your primary school students.

Key stage three

We run activities for students in year seven through to year nine.

Make your own periscope (PDF).

Key stage four

We run activities for students in year ten and eleven.

Make your own CD-spectroscope (PDF) from our 'investigating spectra' GCSE workshop.

Sixth form

We run activities for students thinking about going to university and to help develop interest in research.

Further information

To book an event or for more information please contact us at

Help with your science fair

If you are organising a science fair we can bring a number of hands-on experiments to run on a stand. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Annual events

Every year we run the Schools Physicist of the Year Award which celebrates the talent of exceptional students studying physics in all of the local area schools.