Residential summer schools

Apply to our virtual or residential programmes to experience what it's like to study a subject you love at university degree level. Our summer schools are FREE and open to year 12 students who attend a state school or college in the United Kingdom and meet our eligibility criteria.

Applications are currently closed.

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Residential and virtual summer schools

Our summer schools are free to attend and are usually held in July.

The residential summer schools run over five days and four nights on-campus and our virtual summer schools run over five days. During all our summer schools, you’ll get to meet our academic staff and wonderful team of student ambassadors who are currently studying the courses that you are considering.

Eligibility criteria

Places on the residential and virtual summer schools will be allocated to year 12 students from currently under-represented groups in higher education who attend a state school or college in the United Kingdom.

To apply for the summer schools, students must meet at least one of the criteria below:

  • Students from low participation neighbourhoods (defined as POLAR4 quintiles 1 and 2 by OfS*)
  • Students from an area of high deprivation (index of multiple deprivation (IMD), quintiles 1 and 2**)
  • Students eligible for free school meals in last six years
  • Students who are eligible for a 16-19 bursary (or equivalent)
  • Care experienced young people and those in local authority care
  • Students classified as having a disability
  • Young carers (you care for a friend or relative with a disability, illness, mental health condition or addiction)
  • Students who are forced migrants (e.g. refugees and asylum seekers)
  • Estranged students studying without the support of their families families (no, limited or negative contact with either parent)
  • Students who have a parent/carer who has served in the armed forces or reserves
  • Students from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups
  • Students from Gypsy, Roma, Traveller, Boater or Showpeople communities
  • Students whose studies have suffered significant disruption due to illness or personal circumstance.

* You can check your postcodes IMD score using this online look up tool. To be eligible your postcode needs a 1 - 4 in column F.

**You can check whether you live a low participation neighbourhood by using our online postcode look up tool. To be eligible your postcode must be quintile 1 or 2 against POLAR 4 (see table on map).

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How to apply

Applications are currently closed.

For any questions or queries, please email our team at


The summer school enabled me to immerse myself in the A-level subjects I am currently studying and see what it is like to study them at university. I started the programme feeling unsure about my undergraduate course choice but I found that by the end of it, through speaking to students and staff in the field, I was feeling confident about my decision. Engineering and physical sciences summer school Student 2021
In my opinion the virtual summer school was amazing as it helped me to become more confident on how to apply to the Vet School. Also, it further made me realise that being a vet is the right thing for me. Moreover, it gave a real taste of what university life is like and all of the types of support you can get at university. Virtual summer school student 2021