Digitalhealth@surrey is a research initiative which brings together academics and researchers from a wide range of disciplines at Surrey, including medical and health sciences, electrical and electronic engineering, biomedical engineering, computer science, physics, biosciences, mathematics, psychology and sociology.

Our aim

The aim of digitalhealth@surrey is to develop, implement and promote the University’s research in the field of digital health, enabling technologies which answer the challenges presented by the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Healthcare delivery in 2030 will be vastly different from today. People will be living longer, with multiple illnesses, and new models of integrated care will be needed to meet complex needs. digitalhealth@surrey explores the opportunities presented by technological innovations such as bio-sensing, medical imaging, artificial intelligence, sensors and wearable technologies to enable better healthcare access and delivery, with the overall objective of personalising treatment and care to improve people’s health and wellness.