A disability is any condition which impairs a person’s ability to carry out day-to-day activity for twelve months or more. Disabilities can be visible or invisible - mental ill health is an unreported but common issue. The Government's disability pages are a useful resource for information about disability and the workplace.

What is Surrey doing?

In order for the University to provide the right support and facilities, we encourage staff and students to update their personal information, including declaration of any disability.

We are devoting a huge amount of effort to create an inclusive and accessible environment for all staff, students and visitors. Find out more about the disability support and services provided.

Employment Works

Employment Works is a joint initiative with Surrey County Council. Under the scheme the University hosts students with learning disabilities in various locations around the campus with the aim of giving them the opportunity to develop their skills and gain hands on experience in the workplace that will improve their future employability. During the last six years, we have worked with EmployAbility to provide almost 60 young people with this chance.

Disability Equality Working Group

The University of Surrey is committed to providing an inclusive environment for staff, students and visitors and recognises the benefits of a diverse community. We want to ensure that it can fully harness the talents, creativity and skills that people bring and maintain its continuing commitment to equality and diversity across the broader community. This includes understanding the impact of University policy and culture on individuals and making reasonable adjustments so that no disabled person is placed at substantial disadvantage.

The Disability Working Group is made up of a number of representatives across the University including HR, Estates, Health and Safety, Facilities managers, staff and students union representatives.

The group oversees the disability equality strategy to ensure that disabled staff, students and visitors receive the appropriate support and adjustments during their time here. This group has been considering feedback from the staff forum, disability access group, Students Union and disability legislation.

If you would like to join the Disability Working Group or want to find out more about their work, please contact equality-diversity@surrey.ac.uk.