Carrying out an equality analysis

Equality analysis is a tool to help consider the effect of activities on different groups of people and to make sure that policies, services and decisions work well for everyone. It involves considering evidence and engaging with user groups to understand impacts and experiences. 

Equality analysis process

During the process of creating your policy, you need to consider its impact on different groups of people who are protected under the Equality Act 2010 using the equality analysis (EA) guidance.

It is good business practice for any organisation to be mindful of the diverse characteristics and needs of all of its stakeholders (customers, staff, students, and visitors) in order to effectively tailor services and policies to ensure they are fit for purpose and meet the needs of the people they are intended for.

An overview of our policies can be found on our policies website.

Equality Analysis involves gathering data, undergoing consultation and considering a number of questions which will help you consider the impact of your policy on different groups of people. You can download a template and associated guidance.