Saturday 19 May 2018

Schubert Weekend - Final Year Performance | The blossoming of a late style

PATS Studio One.
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SCHUBERT’S FINAL YEARS | The blossoming of a late style

Anne M. Hyland
The early death of Franz Schubert at the age of 31 remains one of music history’s greatest tragedies. Yet, his final years – lived through the knowledge of his terminal illness and the shortness of time left to him – brought forth some of the composer’s most sophisticated, idiosyncratic and triumphant works. Far from articulating a one-dimensional sense of despair or resignation in the face of death, these works move between expressive extremes, juxtaposing light and darkness, joy and sorrow. What can these last compositions reveal to us about this ever-intriguing composer and his style, and what fundamental questions do they raise?
Dr Anne Hyland, Lecturer in Music Analysis at the University of Manchester presents a talk focussing on Schubert’s later works including the Winterreise which we shall hear this evening performed Ian Bostridge.

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