9am - 6pm
Tuesday 10 July 2018

UK-Egypt workshop on air quality and health in Middle Eastern and European cities

This workshop will provide a platform to share knowledge and spread awareness towards the opportunities and impacts of air pollution research between the UK and Middle Eastern countries. It will serve as a collaborative platform between various research groups, allowing them to share experiences and enhance their academic reach to European research groups.


University of Surrey
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This workshop is part of Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF) funded project and RETINA (Reducing the Impact of Health and Climate Emissions in Megacity Cairo).

The inhabitants of cities such as Cairo are direct receptors to emissions that exceed the World Health Organization guidelines, and hence are exposed to a multitude of health problems and a high risk of mortality. Lack of sufficient knowledge limits the efficacy of national efforts to reduce air pollution impacts.

This work focuses on assessing the exposure of commuters to transport emissions and the efficacy of different control policies, and plausible solutions for the most effective mitigation of air pollution in the region.