4pm - 5pm

Tuesday 2 October 2018

All AdS4 and AdS3 supergravity backgrounds with N > 16 supersymmetries: uniqueness and (non-)existence

We investigate all warped AdS4×MD-4 and AdS3×MD-3 backgrounds with the most general allowed fluxes that preserve more than 16 supersymmetries in D=10- and 11-dimensional supergravities. Assuming either that the internal manifold is compact without boundary or that the isometry algebra of the background decomposes into that of AdS4/AdS3 and that of the transverse space, we find that there are no AdS4 backgrounds in IIB supergravity. Similarly, in IIA supergravity, we find a unique such background with 24 supersymmetries, locally isometric to AdS4×CP3, and in D=11 all such backgrounds are locally isometric to the maximally supersymmetric AdS4×S7 solution. Finally, we establish a non-existence theorem for AdS3 solutions preserving strictly more than 16 supersymmetries.

University of Surrey
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