12 noon - 1pm
Thursday 10 January 2019

Dynamic modulation of brain states using brain stimulation - Dr Ines Violante

Electrical brain stimulation is a key technique in research and clinical neuroscience studies because it can provide causal relationships between brain and behaviour and offers the possibility of manipulating abnormal brain dynamics. I will discuss our recent work showing that fMRI can provide meaningful information regarding how brain networks are affected by transcranial brain stimulation. I will discuss the importance of combining multimodal approaches to reveal insights about the mechanisms associated with cognitive functions in humans, and to develop clinical tools to target dysfunctional brain dynamics occurring as a result of brain pathologies. In particular, I will discuss the use of neuroadaptive Bayesian optimisation to define individual stimulation parameters to modulate the function of specific brain networks.

39 AA 04
Department of Mathematics
University of Surrey
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