12:30pm - 3pm

Friday 8 March 2019

Celebrating women in science

We are asking year nine students to join us at the Department of Physics to celebrate International Women's Day. Our goal is to encourage more young women into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) A-levels and onto STEM degrees.


University of Surrey
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This event is for year nine students who want to learn more about women in science.

Keynote talks

We will start with some keynote speakers talking about some of the unsung female scientists who have inspired them including:

Henrietta Swan-Leavitt who discovered the period-luminosity relation for Cepheid stars, which is key for the astronomical distance ladder and led to the discovery that space is expanding.

Lise Meitner who discovered nuclear fission of Uranium and many believe should have won a Nobel prize for explaining fission, with her nephew Otto Frisch.

Table discussions

This will be followed by some round the table discussions in groups introducing students to the concepts of gender stereotyping and how it can have an effect on their lives at home or at school. Some of the discussions will talk about potential GCSE subject choices and future careers.

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