4pm - 5pm

Tuesday 4 June 2019

From static to cosmological solutions of N=2 supergravity

I will review the recent generalisation of planar symmetric black hole solutions of N=2 supergravity, and the discovery of cosmological solutions obtained via analytic continuation of static solutions. 

The timelike reduction of four dimensional theories yields instanton solutions to Einstein’s equations for gauged and ungauged supergravity theories. We obtain cosmological solutions with Kasner-like asymptotics in N=2 gauged and ungauged supergravity by maximal analytic continuation of planar versions of non-extremal black holes solutions. Upon lifting back to four dimensions, the resulting static regions are incomplete and bounded by a curvature singularity on one side and a Killing horizon on the other. Analytic continuation reveals the existence of dynamic patches in the past and future, with Kasner-like asymptotics. For the ungauged STU-model, our solutions contain previously known solutions with the same conformal diagram as a subset. We find explicit lifts to five, six, ten and eleven dimensions which show that in the extremal limit the underlying brane configuration is the same as for STU black holes. The extremal limit of the six-dimensional lift is shown to be BPS for special choices of the integration constants. 

The talk will aim to give an overview of this research with a focus on the exploration of the causal structure and an understanding of how these cosmologies occur in solutions by enforcing planar symmetry for non-extremal solutions. A simple, reduced example is given by the planar Reissner-Nordström solution which I will lean on while discussing key properties of these solutions.

39 AA 04
University of Surrey
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