Fields, Strings and Geometry seminars

These are the research seminars of the Fields, Strings and Geometry Group.

Seminar details

Time and day: Our regular seminar slot is 4pm - 5pm on Tuesdays during term.
Venue: Seminars held online via Zoom.
Open to: Staff, postgraduate research students and visiting researchers.

Please contact the organiser Andrea Prinsloo by email ( to request the Zoom meeting details.

Upcoming seminars

Speaker: Xizhi Han (Stanford University)
Time and Date: 4pm - 5pm on Tuesday 16 March 2021
Title: Neural Quantum State in Matrix Quantum Mechanics
Abstract: Matrix quantum mechanics are a class of models with emergent spatial dimensions. As quantum mechanical theories, they provide a clean framework for understanding microscopic aspects of holography. However, as interacting many-body systems, exact solutions are often unavailable. Starting with reviewing previously solved cases, we use variational quantum Monte Carlo with neural network ansatz for solving low-energy states in both bosonic and supersymmetric theories. The emergent locality is captured by an entanglement measure that we propose, and we comment on potential broader applications to holography.

Speaker: Chethan Krishnan (Indian Institute of Science)
Time and Date: 4pm - 5pm on Tuesday 20 April 2021
Title: TBA
Abstract: TBA

Past seminars

Speaker: Marcos Crichigno (Imperial College, London)
Time and Date: 4pm - 5pm on Tuesday 26 January 2021
Title: Supersymmetry and quantum computation 

Speaker: James Drummond (University of Southampton)
Time and Date: 4pm - 5pm on Tuesday 17 November 2020
Title: Amplitudes, tropical geometry and cluster algebras

Speaker: Andrea Fontanella (Humboldt University of Berlin)
Time and Date: 4pm - 5pm on Tuesday 13 October 2020
Title: Classical integrability in Lie algebra expanded coset sigma models

Speaker: Severin Bunk (University of Hamburg)
Time and Date: 4pm - 5pm on Tuesday 22 September 2020
Title: Symmetries of Gerbes and Applications in Geometry and Physics

Speaker: Tommaso Macrelli (University of Surrey)
Time and Date: 2pm - 3pm on Tuesday 1 September 2020
Title: BV formalism, QFT and gravity: a homotopy perspective

Speaker: Nabil Iqbal (Durham University)
Time and Date: 4pm - 5pm on Tuesday 16 June 2020
Title: Toward a 3d Ising Model with a weakly coupled string dual

Speaker: Yuta Hamada (APC, Paris Diderot University)
Time and Date: 4pm - 5pm on Tuesday 2 June 2020
Title: Weak Gravity Conjecture from Unitarity and Causality

Speaker: Ines Aniceto (University of Southampton)
Date: 4pm - 5pm on Tuesday 12 May 2020
Title: Integrable field theories with an interacting massless sector

Speaker: Stefano Speziali (Swansea University)
Date: Tuesday 10 March 2020
Title: Holographic aspects of two- and four-dimensional field theories

Speaker: Silke Klemm (University of Milan)
Date: Tuesday 18 February 2020
Title: Unusual horizon geometries of black holes in gauged supergravity

Speaker: Masanori Hanada (University of Southampton)
Date: Tuesday 3 December 2019
Title: How colours make a black hole

Speaker: Ana Retore (Trinity College Dublin)
Date: Tuesday 19 November 2019
Title: New su(2) × su(2) integrable models

Speaker: Mahdi Godazgar (Queen Mary, University of London)
Date: Tuesday 22 October 2019
Title: Asymptotic charges in gravity

Speaker: Daniel Grumiller (Vienna University of Technology)
Date: Tuesday 15 October 2019
Title: Gravity and holography in lower dimensions

Speaker: Juan Miguel Nieto Garcia (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Date: Tuesday 11 June 2019
Title: Recent developments in the AdS3/CFT2 correspondence with mixed flux

Speaker: Giacomo Pope (University of Liverpool)
Date: Tuesday 4 June 2019
Title: From static to cosmological solutions of N=2 supergravity

Speaker: Jaco van Zyl (University of the Witwatersrand)
Date: Tuesday 21 May 2019
Title: On integrable subsectors of AdS/CFT and LLM geometries

Speaker: Ingo Runkel (University of Hamburg)
Date: Tuesday 14 May 2019
Title: Integrability in 2d CFT and line defects

Speaker: Istvan Szecsenyi (City, University of London)
Date: Tuesday 7 May 2019
Title: Entanglement content of quantum particle excitations

Speaker: Alessandro Torrielli (University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 26 March 2019
Title: Massless scattering in lower dimensional AdS/CFT

Speaker: Tommaso Macrelli (University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 19 March 2019
Title: Finite symmetry groups of two-dimensional toroidal conformal field theories

Speaker: Tomasz Lukowski (University of Hertfordshire)
Date: Tuesday 12 March 2019
Title: Amplituhedron meets Jeffrey-Kirwan residue

Speaker: Alec Barns-Graham (University of Cambridge)
Date: Tuesday 19 February 2019
Title: A superconformal index for hyperKähler cones

Speaker: Andrea Cavaglia (King's College London)
Date: Tuesday 5 February 2019
Title: Towards 3-point functions in N=4 super Yang-Mills theory with the Quantum Spectral Curve

Speaker: Rouven Frassek (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn)
Date: Thursday 31 January 2019
Title: Q-operators for rational spin chains

Speaker: Martin Wolf (University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 4 December 2018
Title: L-algebras, the BV formalism and classical fields

Speaker: Valentina Forini (City University London)
Date: Tuesday 27 November 2018
Title: Superstring worldsheet beyond perturbation theory

Speaker: Tudor Dimofte (University of California, Davis)
Date: Tuesday 20 November 2018
Title: Higher algebraic structures in supersymmetric QFT

Speaker: Roberto Sisca (University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 6 November 2018
Title: The universal geometry of heterotic vacua (part 2)

Speaker: Charles Strickland-Constable (University of Hertfordshire)
Date: Tuesday 6 November 2018
Title: Finite heterotic deformations and holomorphic Courant algebroids

Speaker: Anthony Ashmore (University of Oxford)
Date: Tuesday 30 October 2018
Title: Moduli and obstructions of N=1 heterotic backgrounds.

Speaker: Tristan McLoughlin (Trinity College Dublin)
Date: Tuesday 23 October 2018
Title: A twistor approach to conformal higher spin theory

Speaker: Jock McOrist (University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 9 October 2018
Title: The universal geometry of heterotic vacua (part 1)

Speaker: Sebastian Lautz (King's College London)
Date: Tuesday 2 October 2018
Title: All AdS4 and AdS3 supergravity backgrounds with N > 16 supersymmetries: uniqueness and (non-)existence

Speaker: Andrea Fontanella (University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 4 September 2018
Title: Black Horizons and Integrable Structures in String Theory

Speaker: Oleg Smolyanov (Moscow State University)
Date: Wednesday 20 June 2018
Title: Hamiltonian method of the second quantization
(Joint seminar with the Dynamical Systems and PDEs Group)

Speaker: Christian Saemann (Heriot-Watt University)
Date: Tuesday 29 May 2018
Title: Symmetries from Derived Brackets in Generalized Geometry and Beyond

Speaker: Jan Gutowski (University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 15 May 2018
Title: Highly Supersymmetric AdS Solutions

Speaker: Mario Garcia-Fernandez (Autonomous University of Madrid)
Date: Tuesday 24 April 2018
Title: Canonical metrics on holomorphic Courant algebroids

Speaker: Marc-Antoine Fiset (University of Oxford)
Date: Tuesday 6 March 2018
Title: Heterotic G2 moduli and worldsheet BRST operator

Speaker: Silvia Penati (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Date: Tuesday 20 February 2018
Title: ABJM theory: A Matrix Model for latitude Wilson loops

Speaker: Lorenzo Raspollini (University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 13 February 2018
Title: Perturbative Quantisation of Gauge Theories (Part 3)

Speaker: Benjo Fraser (Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok)
Date: Tuesday 9 January 2018
Title: Non-abelian T-duality and coset CFTs

Speaker: Jeff Murugan (University of Cape Town)
Date: Friday 5 January 2018
Title: A 2-dimensional random supersymmetric model with disorder

Speaker: Renzo Ricca (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Date: Tuesday 13 December 2017
Title: Quantifying topological complexity by knot polynomials

Speaker: Luca Cassia (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Date: Tuesday 5 December 2017
Title: 4D N=1,2,3,4 SCFTs on a Riemann Surface

Speaker: Lorenzo Raspollini (University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 21 November 2017
Title: Perturbative Quantisation of Gauge Theories (Part 2)

Speaker: Marius de Leeuw (Trinity College, Dublin)
Date: Tuesday 14 November 2017
Title: One- and Two-point functions in AdS/dCFT

Speaker: Lorenzo Raspollini (University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 7 November 2017
Title: Perturbative Quantisation of Gauge Theories (Part 1)

Speaker: Oleg Smolyanov (Moscow State University)
Date: Tuesday 31 October 2017
Title: Transformations of Feynman Path Integrals and Quantum Anomalies
(Joint seminar with the Dynamical Systems and PDEs Group)

Speaker: Alexander Schenkel (University of Nottingham)
Date: Tuesday 24 October 2017
Title: The stack of Yang-Mills fields

Speaker: Pau Figueras (Queen Mary, University of London)
Date: Tuesday 10 October 2017
Title: Non-spherically symmetric collapse in asymptotically AdS spacetimes

Speaker: Francesco Ravanini (University of Bologna)
Date: Tuesday 5 September 2017
Title: The ceff-theorem: Irreversibility of RG Flows in 2D Non-unitary QFTs

Speaker: James Lucietti (University of Edinburgh)
Date: Tuesday 13 June 2017
Title: New black holes in five dimensions

Speaker: Roberto Sisca (University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 30 May 2017
Title: Connections in heterotic geometry

Speaker: John Huerta (University of Lisbon)
Date: Tuesday 23 May 2017
Title: M-theory from the superpoint

Speaker: Eoin Ó Cólgain (Pohang University of Science and Technology)
Date: Tuesday 14 March 2017
Title: Yang-Baxter sigma-models, conformal twists and NC Yang-Mills

Speaker: Martin Wolf (University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 7 March 2017
Title: Higher groupoid bundles and higher gauge theory

Speaker: Jock McOrist (University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 28 February 2017
Title: A metric and geometry for heterotic moduli

Speaker: Richard Szabo (Heriot-Watt University)
Date: Monday 27 February 2017
Title: Quantum Geometry and Non-Geometric Backgrounds

Speaker: Alessandro Sfondrini (ETH, Zurich)
Date: Tuesday 14 February 2017
Title: Integrable Bootstrap in AdS/CFT

Speaker: Anne Franzen (University of Lisbon)
Date: Tuesday 7 February 2017
Title: Strong Cosmic Censorship as seen from scalar waves in black hole interiors
(Joint seminar with the Dynamical Systems and PDEs Group)

Speaker: Urs Schreiber (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague)
Date: Tuesday 6 December 2016
Title: Super Lie n-algebra of fundamental super p-branes

Speaker: Andrea Santi (University of Bologna, and the University of Edinburgh)
Date: Tuesday 29 November 2016
Title: Killing superalgebras and high supersymmetry

Speaker: Cristian Vergu (King’s College, London)
Date: Tuesday 15 November 2016
Title: Ten-dimensional light-like lines, smooth Wilson loops in N = 4 super Yang-Mills and twistors

Speaker: Carlo Meneghelli (Stony Brook University, New York)
Date: Tuesday 8 November 2016
Title: Pre-fundamental representations for the Hubbard model and AdS/CFT

Speaker: Eirik Svanes (Lagrange Institute, Paris)
Date: Tuesday 25 October 2016
Title: Recent Advances in Heterotic Moduli

Speaker: Andrew Royston (Texas A&M University)
Date: Tuesday 11 October 2016
Title: N = 2 super Yang-Mills and the Geometry of Magnetic Monopoles

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