9am - 6pm
Monday 2 September - Friday 6 September 2019

24th European conference on few-body problems in physics

This conference will discuss recent developments in the field of few-body systems.

University of Surrey


The next European conference on few-body problems in physics (EFB24) will be held at the University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom, from 2 to 6 September 2019. This will be the 24th edition of this conference series which has previously taken place in Aarhus (2016), Krakow (2013), Salamanca (2010) and Pisa (2007). 

Like the previous conferences, this conference will give a possibility to present and discuss recent developments in the field of few-body systems - that is, systems which can be understood in terms of a few effective degrees of freedom. This Conference will focus on recent developments in the field of few-body systems, in areas including but not limited to particle, nuclear, atomic, molecular, and condensed-matter physics, as well as astrophysics, mathematics, and chemistry.

Indico Site

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Conference topics

  • Hadrons and particles
  • Nuclei and hypernuclei
  • Electroweak processes
  • Atoms and molecules
  • Cold atoms and quantum gases
  • Few-body methods

First Circular

The first circular is available in the following link (pdf file, 676kB).

    Abstract submission

    Abstract submission is now open until 15 April 2019. Please follow this link to the Conference's indico website for further details.

    • N. Barnea (Israel)
    • M. Birse (UK)
    • C. Bertulani (USA)
    • J.  Carbonell (France)
    • X. Cui (China)
    • A. Deltuva (Lithuania - Germany)
    • E. Epelbaum (Germany)
    • D. Fedorov (Denmark)
    • F. Fernández González (Spain)
    • T. Frederico (Brazil)
    • C. Greene (USA)
    • J. Haidenbauer (Germany)
    • M. L. Lekala (South Africa)
    • N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki (Netherlands)
    • A. Kadyrov (Australia)
    • A. Kievsky (Italy)
    • S. Kistryn (Poland)
    • T. Kokalova (UK)
    • E. Kolganova (Russia)
    • N. Orr (France)
    • T. Peña (Portugal)
    • W. Plessas (Austria)
    • M. Piarulli (USA)
    • J.-M. Richard (France)
    • P. Schmelcher (Germany)
    • K. Sekiguchi (Japan)
    • N. Shevchenko (Czech Republic)
    • W. Tornow (USA)
    • K. Varga (USA)
    • D. Watts (UK)
    • H. Witała (Poland)
    • Natasha Timofeyuk (Chair)
    • Jim Al-Khalili
    • Carlo Barbieri
    • Wilton Catford
    • Alexis Diaz-Torres
    • Eran Ginossar
    • Konstantin Litvinenko
    • Arnau Rios
    • Paul Stevenson

    Conference proceedings

    Conference proceedings will be published.

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