7:30pm - 9:30pm
Tuesday 12 November 2019

Sarah Angliss - Air Loom

Composer Sarah Angliss and performers Sarah Gabriel and Stephen Hiscock present Air Loom, her new album of dreamlike music, distilling her latest work with ancient instruments and extraordinary electroacoustic techniques.

Standout tracks include a chilling new setting of ancient Lydian ballad Lucy Wan; her haunting ‘cold love song’ Raven and Dust — a moment of sublime secular communion, inspired by incidental words spoken in the Apollo capsule on the first journey to the moon.

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Studio One
Performing Arts and Technology Building
University of Surrey
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  • Stephen Hiscock
  • Sarah Gabriel

Air Loom

Among the many textures of this album is the clavisimbalum, a sonorous, fourteenth-century cousin of the harpsichord. Its plucked, soft iron strings ring with a rich, dark reverberance – a sound that hails from Eastern European folk and the Renaissance court. Angliss adds voice, recorder, theremin, percussion, live electronics and robotic carillon, an instrument she devised and built to play bells at inhuman speeds, creating a haze of delicate, metallic sound.

Angliss is joined by vocalist Sarah Gabriel and percussionist Stephen Hiscock. As they play, their sounds are deftly contorted, fragmented and recombined using Angliss’ digital inventions. These transform the most consonant music into something angular as they make beguiling musical collisions - the precarious harmonic terrain of Angliss’ signature soundworld:

“Music possessed of an eerie instability…a whole universe unto itself brimming with fresh propositions and new directions…a shimmering minimalist masterpiece’ (Wire Magazine, May 2017).


About Sarah Angliss

An electroacoustic composer with a deep interest in the history of electronic music, Sarah also has a lifelong fascination with English folksong - music she’s been performing in clubs since a teenager. A prolific life performer, Sarah’s a multi-instrumentalist, particularly known for her extemporisation skills and her augmented techniques on recorder and theremin. Her formal musical education mixed contemporary composition with Baroque and Renaissance performance. She also studied electroacoustics and robotics, combining these skill to create otherworldly compositions and musical automata, machines that give her performance an arresting and uncanny physical presence. Thematically, Sarah is often drawn to extant folklore in the city and the meeting of machines and mysticism.

Alongside her live performance, Sarah composes for theatre and film. Her work has been featured in The National Theatre, The Almeida, The Young Vic and The Old Vic, London, and in Park Avenue Armory, New York. Her debut feature film score, for the contained, folkloric horror Amulet (directed by Romola Garai), will be released in 2019. She’s currently composing Giant, an electroacoustic chamber opera (supported by Snape Music and the Jerwood Charitable Foundation) and working on a sound-rich contemporary ghost story with director Sarah Fahie. In 2018, she was a recipient of a prestigious composer’s award from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Sarah performs Air Loom with her regular collaborator Stephen Hiscock, a percussionist who has worked with Steve Reich, Joanna MacGregor, Harrison Birtwistle and many others. They’re also joined by Sarah Gabriel, a soprano whose work spans traditional and augmented vocal techniques. Gabriel collaborated with Angliss on the world’s first live ‘drawn sound’ performance for soprano and Mini Oramics machine (machine built by Tom Richards).

Praise for Sarah’s 2017 album, Ealing Feeder

“The most inventive album I’ve heard in a long while…a testament to Angliss’s imagination and sheer musicality.” Simon Reynolds, 4 Columns, New York

'Music possessed of an eerie instability, a highly atmospheric and compelling listen….A shimmering minimalist masterpiece…feels like a whole universe unto itself brimming with fresh propositions and new directions…Its sedimented layers of research…background colour for the real narrative drama of its melodic invention and ever-surprising sonic twists and turns.’

Robert Barry, The Wire

“Revelatory…a phenomenal collection….exists in a preternatural state of eerie calm and alluring mystery.” Dave Segal, The Stranger, Seattle

Listen to Air Loom: https://sarahangliss.bandcamp.com/album/air-loom

Listen to Ealing Feeder: https://sarahangliss.bandcamp.com/

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