7:30pm - 9:30pm
Thursday 27 February 2020

Intraspect III

An evening of experimental music featuring live electronics, acoustic and digital improvisation and live video.

The evening includes three sets: a trio by DIG - an ensemble featuring students from the Creative Music Technology course at the University of Surrey (Marcus Bagshawe, Ben Hodgson and Scott Tatsuta); a duo by Bill Thompson and Richard Sanderson performing an extended improvisation using Moog guitar, Melodeon, live electronics and found objects; and a final performance by HARMERGEDDON (Polyphoniefae and Nathan Greywater) performing a live audio/visual electronics improvisation.


PATS Studio One
PATS Building
University of Surrey
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HARMERGEDDON: Live audio/visual electronics

Empowered electronics, kinetic pulse, drifting texture, undulating drone, amber cloud, alternating current, corrosive rain, dots behind the eyes, light becomes sound, rebuilt from the ground up with whatever comes to hand.

HARMERGEDDON is Nathan Greywater and Polyphoniefae, Dungeness based a/v performance art duo formed in South London in the autumn of 2010.

Their live show blends sound and light in a feedback loop using photophonics (sound carried on light beams), electro magnetic fields and consumer electronic junk, taking Industrial from its scrap metal past to the electronic fallout of late capitalism with a basis in improvisation and psychedelia. The result verges on sensory overload.

Since their inception they have played internationally in venues as diverse as a cave (Grobbia Artist Residency 2017, Italy), a forest (Ambiosonic 2016, France), a moving train (Resting Place, Platform-7 & Dawn Cole) and the legendary MS Stubnitz. They played Splice Festival 2018, streamed live to Montreal for Sight & Sound 2016 and Winnipeg for the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival 2017 (in collaboration with Guillaume Vallée). Recently they supported This Is Not This Heat for their ultimate European Shows at The Albany, Deptford.

In addition to their live show they have also provided live visuals for Ben Vince, Lia Mice, Merkaba Macabre, A’Bear and Dronica Festival. They have shot and edited music videos for the bands Warren Schoenbright and Lofe and are currently running residencies as ‘Welfare Unit’ from their base by the Dungeness coast.

For more information: https://harmergeddon.tv

Bill Thompson – Moog guitar + electronics

Touch Radio: “Live at the Brunswick Club, Bristol, June 19th 2017”

Bill Thompson is a sound artist and composer. He performs as a soloist and with a number of others including zerospace, Phil Durrant, Phil Maguire, Airfield with choreographer Ian Spink, and in the past with Keith Rowe, Faust, EXAUDI and others.

Although originally trained as a guitarist, Thompson has worked with live electronics for the better part of 15 years. Since 2016/17, however, he has returned to guitar using one built by Moog combining built in electronics with miscellaneous table top devices, found objects, flashing lights, and the occasional vibrator.

He has earned numerous awards and commissions including the PRS for New Music ATOM award, the GAVAA visual arts award, a PRS for New Music Three Festival commission, the 2010 Aberdeen Visual Arts Award, and was nominated for the Paul Hamlyn Award in 2012.

For more information visit: www.billthompson.org

Richard Sanderson and Bill Thompson – Moog guitar and melodeon + electronics

Richard Sanderson – Melodeon + electronics

Richard Sanderson is an experimental and improvising musician based in London, originally from Middlesbrough in he North East of England. His instrument of choice is the melodeon (diatonic button accordion) although he also plays electronics, toys, guitar and organ. He has recorded with the bands Lost Robots, Minnow and Ticklish and in duos with Steve Beresford and Mark Spybey. His solo album "Improvisations for Melodeon"  was released in 2011. He plays in Browne/Thompson/Sanderson, The Horse Trio and dances with Blackheath Morris Men. Very occasionally he re-activates his late 70's post-punk band Drop. He appears on the Linear Obsessional releases ,  "Bottles" and "Corks" (with Clive Pearman), "Tone Chambers" with skitter, "Berlin Toy Bazaar" with Steve Beresford and Anna Homler, and the solo releases "Precision" (an EP), "Air Buttons" and "A Thousand Concreted Perils" He also runs Linear Obsessional Recordings.

DIG – Live electronics

DIG is an ensemble featuring students from the Creative Music Technology course at the University of Surrey. The ensemble explores creative live electronic approaches to non-idiomatic improvisation and performance. This year DIG features Marcus Bagshawe, Ben Hodgson and Scott Tatsuta, who in addition to their independent music activities, have performed together at London’s Hundred Years Gallery at a 2 day festival event in 2019.


Intraspect (the concert series) was founded by Bill Thompson in 2017 and has featured several preeminent artists including Phil Durrant, Jan Hendrickse, Phil Julian, Tom Mudd, John Wall, Mark Wastell, and Christine Webster amongst others.

For more information: Intraspect

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