12:30pm - 1:45pm
Tuesday 8 June 2021

Digital Disruption Series: Think, play and do: How to build a learning culture for a changing world?

Join us at this next Digital Disruptor Webinar as we discuss how LEGO Group builds its company culture for a changing world. 


University of Surrey
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Digital Disruptor Series | How to build a learning culture for a changing world? | Uni of Surrey

Featuring Guest Speaker Dr Franziska Anna Prockl, Play Director at The Lego Group (and Ex McKinsey & Company). Professor Tazeeb Rajwani, a leading expert on business model innovation and author of the award-winning book “Aligning for Advantage”, University of Surrey. Professor Andrey Pavlov is a leading expert on Strategy Execution and Professor of Strategy and Performance at Cranfield School of Management, one of Europe’s leading business schools.

The webinar discussion points will include:

  • What is unique about working at the Lego Group?
  • What is the importance of play?
  • How does the LEGO Group create a culture in which innovation and creativity thrives?
  • What does lifelong learning mean to the LEGO Group?
  • How is the LEGO Group approaching sustainability?

Dr Franziska Anna Prockl

Growing up in a small town in Bavaria, which is also known as the hometown of the Adidas Group it paved the way into a passion-driven career start. The Adidas slogan “All in” is something Franziska is known for too, as for her three-striped sneaker collection. Studying European Business and Marketing & Media Management across Germany (University of Muenster), England (University of Portsmouth), Sweden (Stockholm School of Economics) and the US (Johnson School of Management, Cornell University) set the foundation for her start at Management Consultancy McKinsey & Company. Based out of the Munich Office, Franziska served especially consumer sector clients in Europe, Russia and the United States leading a variety of strategy and transformation projects. After 7 years in Consulting, she joined the LEGO Group as Strategy Partner for the Chief People Officer & Head of Corporate Affairs, working on the Sustainability Strategy, Digital Transformation and Modernization of the People Function.

Professor Tazeeb Rajwani

Prof. Tazeeb Rajwani is a Chaired Professor of International Business & Strategy, Head of Department and Member of the Senior Management Team at the University of Surrey. Previously he was Professor of International Business at the University of Essex and Associate Professor of Strategic Management at Cranfield School of Management. He holds or has held visiting faculty positions at London Business School, University of Notre Dame, University of Edinburgh, University of Peking, University of Warwick, Kings College London and ESMT. Prior to these roles, he held a management position at KPMG Corporate Finance, where he was an Innovation Champion and member of the Thought Leadership group at KMPG Europe. His unique role at KPMG also included managing large complex projects globally with a particular focus on Corporate Finance.

Professor Andrey Pavlov

Prof. Andrey Pavlov is Professor of Strategy and Performance and Head of Strategy Group at Cranfield School of Management, UK. He teaches on postgraduate and executive programmes, helping students and delegates think through various issues shaping organizational performance and strategic change. His research advances a complex systems view of strategy and performance - the idea that improving the performance of organizations is an ongoing emergent process, which is inseparable from understanding the organizations themselves, their environment, and their historical and social context. Andrey has written over 50 research articles and a book and advised organizations ranging from HSBC and Rolls-Royce to Sport England and UK Police.