Thursday 24 June - Friday 25 June 2021

Workshop on public policy and deforestation: A global perspective

This workshop brought together researchers from around the world. The papers presented focused on the impact of alternative policies to limit deforestation with a view to understand their relative efficacies and also to explore their financing, implementation, and management. 

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24 June 2021

Keynote speech: Learning about Deforestation Policy Impacts: Implications for better planning and management

  • Alex Pfaff, Duke University

DETERring Deforestation in the Amazon: Environmental Monitoring and Law Enforcement

  • Juliano Assuncao
  • Clarissa Gandour
  • Romero Rocha 

Optimal contracts for payments for ecosystem services

  • Wanyi Li, Stanford University
  • Itai Ashlagi, Stanford University
  • Irene Lo, Stanford University

Policy panel one and discussion

  • Sven Wunder, European Forest Institute & CIFOR

25 June 2021

‘Disentangling the Sources of the Brazilian Miracle: The Impacts of Overlapping Policies on Deforestation in the Amazon’

  • Katrina Mullan, University of Montana
  • Jill Caviglia-Harris, Salisbury University
  • Thais Santiago, University of Montana
  • Erin Sills, North Carolina State University
  • Thales Westm, VU Amsterdam

Do COVID-19 lockdowns affect deforestation? A cross-country study

  • Santiago Saavedra Pineda, Universidad del Rosario, Columbia

The Forest Awakens: Amazon Regeneration and Policy Spillover

  • Juliano Assuncao
  • Clarissa Gandour
  • Souza Rodrigues 

REDD+ and Forest Collective Action: Evidence from Nepal

  • Randall A. Bluffstone, Portland State University
  • E. Somanathan, Indian Statistical Institute
  • Prakash Jha, CMCC, Bologna
  • Harisharan Luintel, Portland State University
  • Rajesh Bista, UNC, Chapel Hill
  • Michael Toman, World Bank
  • Naya Paudel, Forest Action, Nepal
  • Bhim Adhikari, IDRC, Canada

Policy panel two and discussion

  • Diana Weinhold, LSE