10am - 11am GMT
Tuesday 7 December 2021

The challenge of providing the rail service of today with the assumptions of the past

Rob Dean, Head of Route Engineering and Operations at High Speed 1 (HS1) Limited will be our keynote.


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  • Meeting ID: 929 7128 5263
  • Passcode: 344278.


In his keynote talk, Rob will talk about finding the balance between development and construction, and operations, maintenance and renewals phases with set budget constraints and regulations is always challenging for infrastructure owners. Their life span will see changes to the context within which they operate change significantly. This lecture outlines how HS1, the UK’s only high speed railway, is operated and regulated whilst reflecting back on what lessons can be learnt from how design assumptions have manifested to inform design and construction of future infrastructure.

Speaker's biography

Rob Dean is a professional engineer with over 20 years of transport sector experience working within client, consultancy, and contractor organisations. He has extensive engineering and railway management expertise including strategy and policy development, incident response/ investigation and implementation of research and development.

Rob is currently the Head of Engineering and Operations for HS1 Ltd, the company granted the concession from government to operate, maintain and renew the UK’s only high-speed railway until 2040. He is responsible for providing client leadership to HS1’s supply chain, maintaining high levels of railway safety and performance, and driving growth and value from the railway.

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  • Meeting ID: 929 7128 5263
  • Passcode: 344278.