1:30pm - 2:30pm GMT
Wednesday 2 February 2022

Doing Business in Emerging Markets Series - Is the ice melting? Emerging Markets, Institutions and Governance

Featuring Guest Speaker Professor Sergei Guriev, Professor of Economics at Sciences Po and former Chief Economist of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), this webinar will explore the role of supranational financial institutions in improving the quality of governance in emerging economies, with a focus on policies related to the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change.


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After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the central planning economy system, Russia and its former Eastern European allies started a transition towards the market economy and democratic society, supported by supranational financial institutions, one of which, the EBRD, has celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2021.

During the last three decades, most of the former socialist countries have achieved a transition to the market principles-based economies. However, the institutional voids and the poor governance, compared to the liberal democracies, severely diminishes those countries’ abilities to withstand global challenges, as the recent pandemic has shown.

Topics to be discussed during the webinar include:

1. Based on the 30-year history of the EBRD, what is the key to successful investments' strategies in emerging markets?

2. What is the role of supranational financial institutions in formulating climate-related policies in emerging markets?

3. How the global community’s response to the climate change can catalyse positive changes in emerging economies’ policies?

4. How can the quality of governance affect the country’s respond to the pandemic?

5. Towards better governance in emerging markets – the role of multinational corporations.