10am - 12 noon
Wednesday 25 May 2022

Reframing how we view ageing and long-term conditions


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All students, University staff and external visitors welcome.

We invite you to attend this seminar in person in 22 HSM 00 or online via Zoom.

Password: 208370

No registration required. Please note that this seminar will not be recorded.

Event information

Chair Debbie Cooke and Caroline Nicholson

Chat manager Sue Brooks

We have 4 invited guests to speak with us today

1. Bob Swindell

Title: Advocacy/Lived experience perspective: Long-term health conditions and the most powerful drug: the emotional impact of language

Speaker Bio: Robin Swindell, known to his friends as Bob, is an experienced reinsurance practitioner. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2013. He is on the Board of Trustees of Diabetes UK, and is one of parkrun’s Champions for diabetes. Last year he co-authored a blog on Evidently Cochrane about the impact that language can have on people living with long-term conditions: https://www.evidentlycochrane.net/the-impact-of-language-on-people-living-with-long-term-conditions/.

2. Lizzie Blacklock

Title: Healthcare practice perspective: Reflections on caring for people living with Parkinson’s in the community

Speaker Bio: Lizzie qualified six years ago as a Registered Nurse. She is nearing completion of her postgraduate, District Nursing Specialist Practitioner qualification here in Health Sciences at the University of Surrey. Lizzie works in a community setting at ProCare Community Services. Her special interests are Parkinson’s Disease and end-of-life care.

3. TBC

Title: Education Perspective: views and discussion with our undergraduates.

4. Dr Nadia Brookes

Title: Research Perspective: Co-production, applied research and long-term conditions involving people as experts.

Speaker Bio: Nadia joined the Centre for Health Services Studies at the University of Kent, after 12 years working at the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU). She is the co-production lead for the Applied Research Collaborative, Kent, Surrey & Sussex. Nadia’s also a Senior Research Fellow with research interests focused on social and health care service provision, recently working on community models of support for older adults and people with intellectual disabilities. She has significant experience in the co-design and delivery of research. She has previously held senior research roles within central and local government, the health service and non-profit sector.