9:30am - 1pm BST

Thursday 23 June 2022

Post Brexit EU-UK Workshop

This event coincides with the six year anniversary of the EU Referendum in the United Kingdom, allowing participants to consider the implications of the vote, the deal(s) that have struck, the issues that have arisen from those agreements and finally, areas where particular focus is needed going forward.


32 MS 03
University of Surrey
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09:30-10:30  - Research Seminar

Led by Professor Gianfranco Baldini

University of Bologna

The seminar will focus on the upcoming book: G. Baldini, E. Bressanelli, E. Massetti, The Strains of Brexit, Routledge, Forthcoming 2022. It will be followed by a Question and Answer session.


10:30-12.00  - Multi-disciplinary panel to discuss the impact of Brexit

The high-level panel will look at various aspects of Brexit, allowing each participant to highlight an area or multiple areas on the UK-EU relationship. It will incorporate a range of academics and PhD/ECR students.


12.00-13.00 – Networking Lunch

Allowing participants the opportunity to collaborate and discuss areas of cross-discipline research interests