11:30am - 9pm

Friday 7 October - Sunday 9 October 2022

International Guitar Research Centre Conference

A three-day conference packed with concerts, keynote lectures, and lecture-recitals from guests, IGRC staff, and IGRC researchers.


PATS Studio One
University of Surrey
University of Surrey
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This event has passed

Special guest speaker Paul Galbraith will also be giving in a concert in Guildford on 8th October and tickets for that event can be purchased here:


Other guests include Marco Ramelli, Luigi Attademo, David Gorton, Tom Williams and Rich Perks. Keynote lectures will be given by Steve Goss, Milton Mermikides, and John McGrath. The conference finishes with a recital given by Michael Butten. 


All events take place in PATS Studio One

Friday 7th Oct

11.30am Welcome and Introduction

PGR Lecture-recitals - Katalin Koltai, Giacomo Susani

1.00pm Break

2.00pm Keynote Lectures - Luigi Attademo, Marco Ramelli

3.30pm Break

4.00pm PGR Lecture-recitals - Reggie Lawrence, Ataman Kinis James Dean

5.30pm Break

7.00pm Concert – Katalin Koltai, Samantha Muir, Nejc Kuhar

Saturday 8th Oct

9.30am PGR Lecture-recitals – Gerard Cousins, Sam Muir, Trevor Datson

11.00am Break

11.30am PGR Lecture-recitals Daniel Marx, Francesco Braggio, Giacomo Copiello

1.00pm Break

2.00pm Keynote Lectures – John McGrath,  Steve Goss

3.30pm Break

4.00pm 21st Century Guitar Book Panel - Rich Perks, Milton Mermikides, John McGrath, Katalin Koltai, Tom Williams, Bill Thompson

5.30pm Break

7.00pm Paul Galbraith Concert Holy Trinity Church – separate ticket required

Sunday 9th Oct

9.30am PGR Lecture-recitals - Nejc Kuhar, Dimitrios Soukaras, Flavio Nati

11.00am Break

11.30am Ligeti Guitar Panel – Dave Gorton, Tom Armstrong, Katalin Koltai

12.30pm Break

1.30pm Keynote Lecture - Milton Mermikides

2.15pm Break

2.30pm Th Brahms Guitar - Paul Galbraith 

4.00pm Break

4.30pm Transcription and Arrangement - Paul Galbraith

6.00pm Break

7.00pm Concert - Michael Butten

8.00pm End