5pm - 6:30pm GMT

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Roundtable Event: The UK and the future of the EU

Organised by Professor Daniele Albertazzi and introduced by Dr Alia Middleton (the two Co-Directors of the CBE), this event brings together four high profile members of our centre to discuss the future of the EU. It will cover topics such as where the EU is going, how the UK can maintain engagement and influence in Brussels, why it is so difficult to explain the EU to ordinary people, and how to do better in this respect.

Lecture Theatre E, Lecture Block
University of Surrey
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  • Barbara Serra, Award-winning journalist, TV presenter, documentary-maker and author
  • Jamie Shea, Former NATO spokesman. Senior Fellow responsible for security and defence programmes at Friends of Europe and a Senior Advisor with the European Policy Centre
  • Paul Adamson, Founder and Editor, Encompass