Thursday 20 April - Friday 21 April 2023

European Mathematical Genetics Meeting 2023

The 51st European Mathematical Genetics Meeting (EMGM) 2023 will take place online and in person at the University of Surrey.

  • Start date: 19th April is pre-conference course, 20th of April - the conference
  • Conference dates: 20th and 21st April 2023
  • Time commitment: 2 days plus pre-conference course ½ day
  • Venue: Rik Medlik Building (Auditorium 03MS01, entrance through Main Flyer)  in Stag Hill Campus, University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom
  • Abstract submission deadline: late breaking 20 March 2023 (midday 11:59 GMT)
  • Registration fee: in person - £150, online - £60 Registration is open. We expect the oral presentations and posters to be delivered in person.
  • Conference dinner: £55 (20 April, 2023, The White House Guildford, 8 High St, Guildford GU2 4AJ)
  • Pre-conference course "Machine Learning with Python for Geneticists": attendance fee - £100 (19 April, 2023; in person event; start at 11.30am, end at 17.00 local time)
  • Accommodation: information below.


In person and Online
Rik Medlik Building (Auditorium 03MS01, entrance through Main Flyer) in Stag Hill Campus,
University of Surrey
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Registration opens on 06 February 2023 and closes on 31 March 2023.

About EMGM 2023

The 51st European Mathematical Genetics Meeting 2023 will take place at the University of Surrey on 20-21 April 2023. This annual meeting offers an informal environment to exchange ideas on the use of mathematical techniques in the field of genetics. The 2023 edition will put an emphasis on the use of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big data approaches for multi-omic data from humans and other species with the highlighted theme “Bringing ML/AI into genomics and multi-omics”

EMGM focuses on methods and applications in a broad range of topics in mathematical and statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology: population genetics, complex trait genetics, causal inference, trait prediction and personalised health, integrative omics, imputation / fine-mapping / rare variants, gene-, tissue- and pathway-enrichment, family-based data, multi-trait methods, ML/AI approaches for omics etc. You can see details of recent meetings at and The meeting offers a friendly and informal environment, a great place to showcase your latest work, hear what’s happening in the field, and meet other mathematical and statistical genetics folks.

The meeting will take place in person with the opportunity to attend online as well.

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Prof Michael Weedon, Medical School, University of Exeter, UK

Prof Krista Fischer, Professor of Statistics, Estonian Genome Centre, University of Tartu, Estonia “Using Population Biobank data for health – from an individual to country-wide solutions”

Invited speakers

Nabila Bouatia-Naji, DR2 Inserm, Paris Cardiovascular Research Center, PARCC@HEGP, France

Alex Lewin, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

Ayse Demirkan, University of Surrey, UK


Registration fee: in person - £150; online - £60 Registration is open. We expect the oral presentations and posters to be delivered in person.

Registration for the EMGM2023 meeting is mandatory.  

  • Registration opens: 06 February 2023
  • Registration closes: 31 March 2023


Abstract submission - Late breaking deadline until 20 March 2023 (midday, 11:59 GMT)

  • Abstract submission opens: 1 February 2023 (23.59 UK time)
  • Early abstract submission deadline: 14 February 2023 (23.59 UK time) - enables faster response about the outcome for UK visa applications
  • Abstract submission closes: 20 March 2023 (11.59 UK time)

Please, email your abstract (250 words maximum) to the conference email using the Preformatted Word document by copy/pasting your text into the form. Please do not enter references in the abstract text.

Download preformatted abstract document (docx)


Please see the EMGM2023 Programme on the link below


Pre-conference Course Programme

Please see the EMGM2023 Pre-conference Course Programme on the link below:

Pre-conference Course Programme

Abstract Book

Please see the EMGM2023 Abstract Book on the link below:

EMGM2023 Abstract Book

Oral Presentation Guidelines 

Please see the EMGM2023 Oral Presentation Guidelines on the link below:

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Poster Presentation Guidelines 

Please see the EMGM2023 Poster Presentation Guidelines on the link below:

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Conference awards

A prize will be awarded to the best long talk in a subject related to the highlighted theme “Bringing ML/AI into genomics and multi-omics”. An award will be also given to the best in person presented poster.

Pre-conference Course

Course attendance fee: attendance fee £100 (19 April, 2023; in person event; start at 11.30am, end at 17.00 local time).

The registration is open.

Pre-conference course "Machine Learning with Python for Geneticists": The course will be led by Surrey’s Pan-University People-Centred AI Institute academics and fellows: Dr Ayşe Demirkan, Dr Adam Mahdi, Dr Samaneh Kouchaki, Dr Muhammad Awais.

Machine learning and AI are revolutionising data science as we speak. This course aims to share the knowledge and promises of AI with geneticists, whom we believe will benefit from it the most. During the course, we first go over the traditionally-used machine learning methods, followed by advanced machine learning and its challenges regarding interpretability and explainability. We next learn about deep neural networks and their applications on GWAS data. We finally talk about natural language processing, and it promises for analysing DNA sequences. The lectures are followed up with hands-on exercises written in Python.

The target audience of this course is (applied) statistical geneticists, genetic epidemiologists and researchers working with -omics. No Python coding knowledge is needed, but a basic understanding or experience with statistics is expected. The exercises will be performed on participants' laptops using google Colab via an internet connection.

After finishing this course, we expect the participants to feel encouraged to read and understand articles using machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing and be able to define scientific questions that can be answered by machine learning. The participants will also get a basic understanding of python coding and be encouraged to use machine learning on their own data.

Pre-conference Course Fellowships

We welcome applications for the People-Centred AI institute Fellowships covering the Attendance Fees of the Pre-Conference course. 

Deadline for applications - 20 March, 2023 

To apply, the applicant should submit an abstract to EMGM 2023 and tweet about EMGM2023 using both the conference's and AI institute's Twitter handles @emgm2023 and @PeopleCentredAI. The web-link to respective tweet should be sent with the Pre-conference course application form.

Download Pre-conference Fellowship Application Form (docx)

EMGM2023 GUIDED WALK on Surrey Hills  

Experience the beautiful Surrey Hills with a walk to the iconic St Martha-on-the-Hill. On 19th April after the pre-conference course, you will have an opportunity for a guided walk (weather permitting) to the St Martha’s hill to admire the views and the 12th century church ( This is about 1-1.5 hours’ walk with a leisurely pace in each direction, total 2-3 hours.

Take good walking shoes, a bottle of water and a sense of exploration with you!

The organisers will provide biscuits at the top, and you may organise your own dinner in the town on your return.

Registration is advised for organising purposes.


Mandolay Hotel Guildford

To book the room at Mandolay Hotel Guildford, please send an email to with the preferred room, guest name, surname and email address before booking the room. The Mandolay Hotel Guildford Reception team will get back to you with the reservation confirmation email and further instructions.

Below are Mandolay Hotel Guildford room rates for EMGM2023 attendees:

  • DOUBLE COSY, £114.00 per night, Bed & Breakfast
  • DOUBLE MEDIUM £114.00 per night, Bed & Breakfast
  • EXECUTIVE DOUBLE £150.00 per night, Bed & Breakfast

Check rooms at Mandolay Hotel Guildford via this link: and email with your preferred room, guest name, surname and email address.

Holiday Inn Guildford

To book the room at Holiday Inn Guildford, please book your room with special EMGM rates via this link: 

Harbour Spa Hotel Guildford

To book the room at Harbour Spa Hotel Guildford, please enter coupon: FUN15 to get a 15% discount. Check room rates and book your room at Harbour Spa Hotel Guildford website via this link:

Travelodge Hotel Guildford – information will be published on our website soon.


Contact us

For any questions relating to EMGM 2023, please contact: 

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