1pm - 2pm BST

Wednesday 14 June 2023

Professor Emily Ma - Recognizing motherhood as a critical stage of leadership development


Teaching Block
University of Surrey
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Pregnancy and motherhood are often stigmatized as negatively impacting women's careers. Yet skills and capacity unlocked/enhanced during this stressful coping process may be transferable to facilitate improved job performance and career advancement in the workplace. This lecture will explore the bright side of motherhood. Motherhood and the coping process can enhance women's knowledge, skills, and capacity while strengthening women's mindset, willpower, and overall emotional intelligence. All such skills and capacities are highly transferrable in the workplace, particularly for management and leadership roles.  And yet, the industry is still lagging in acknowledging and recognizing the positive side of motherhood. Professor Ma will use this public lecture as an opportunity to share this important message with current and future leaders.