9am - 5pm GMT

Wednesday 20 March 2024

Emerging directions in news use research: Project launch event and open conference


This event marks the launch of the Leverhulme Trust funded parents’ news use project - which runs from the fall of 2023 to the fall of 2025. The Leverhulme News Use project aims to examine how parents engage with and respond to news at critical moments of crisis. The project team includes Professor Ranjana DasDr Thomas Roberts, Dr Emily Setty and Dr Maria-Nerina Boursinou from the Department of Sociology (University of Surrey).

A day-long, international, virtual conference - this event brings together a global group of scholars involved with researching news use, news audiences and consumption, and news engagement and disengagement.

Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers at the event include:


For full information about the talks, please read our programme brochure.

9am - 9:10amWelcome
9:10am - 10:10am

Plenary session one

Mapping cross-media news repertoires across borders. – repurposing the reuters digital news report for cross-national comparison of news diets - Professor Kim Schroeder

Networked gatekeepers: digital influence operators and the gray zones of extreme speech - Professor Sahana Udupa

Chair: Ranjana Das

10:10am - 11am

Panel one: datafication, artificial intelligence, immersive media and the news

Chair: Ranjana Das

Why do newsrooms collect user data? Folk theories of datafied journalism

Speaker: Liisa Ovaska, Tampere University

Revolutionising news engagement: the newsgames journalism frontier

Speaker: Giulia Conti, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Exploring whether and why automation affects the comprehensibility of data-driven news articles

Speaker: Sina Thäsler-Kordonouri and Neil Thurman, LMU Munich

Machine credibility: how news readers evaluate AI-generated content

Speaker: Alex Wasdahl, University of California

11am - 12 noon

Plenary session two

Too much news. News satiation as a novel perspective on overload and avoidance in news use research - Professor Brita Ytre-Arne

I’ve un-installed the news: parental anxiety and the news-use continuum - Ranjana Das, Emily Setty, Thomas Roberts, Nerina Boursinou

Chair: Emily Setty

12 noon - 12:30pmLunch
12:30pm - 1:20pm

Panel two: journalism, audiences, journalistic practices

Chair: Nerina Boursinou

Attuning to news and audiences: capturing both sides of the changing audience-journalism relations

Speakers: Julie Vulpius and Chris Peters, Roskilde University

Media that refused news: characteristics and strategies of non-commercial slow-journalism media. A case study of Fumaça, Setentae Quatro, Divergente from Portugal

Speaker: Tatiana Chervyakova, Universidade Lusófona — Centro Universitário de Lisboa

Building a computational curriculum for understanding news: best practices from journalism schools

Speakers: Jan Lauren Boyles and Richard Mensah Adonu, Iowa State University

1:20pm - 2:20pm

Plenary session three

Discussing news in the family: news and parenting in the late adolescent years - Professor Lynn Schofield Clark

Disinformation-for-hire as everyday digital labour: three tropes and analytical provocations - Dr Jonathan Ong

Chair: Emily Setty

2:20pm - 2:20pmBreak
2:30pm - 3:15pm

Panel three: disinformation: case studies from around the world

Chair: Thomas Roberts

Leave me alone, I do not believe you! News avoidance and conspiracy beliefs and vaccine opposition

Speaker: Dominika Betakova, University of Vienna

Love jihad, land jihad, boycott Bollywood, conversion: Mapping online disinformation campaigns through far-right female political influencers in India

Speaker: Sarah Khan, University of Michigan

Minority beliefs and media literacy

Speaker: Dr Alison Preston, OFCOM

Informational territories and journalistic audiences: situated perceptions about information and disinformation in southern Brazil

Speaker: Professor Laura Storch, Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil

3:15pm - 4:15pm

Panel four: young people and the news

Chair: Emily Setty

How (news)media use shapes the attitude on climate change among vocational educated youth

Presenter: Niels de Boer, University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht

Give news a chance? Younger generations pessimistic views of the news

Speakers: Teresa Sofia Castro, Maria José Brites, Margarida Maneta, Universidade Lusófona

Keeping up with the kids: the role of Generation Z in today’s news media landscape

Speaker: Bethany Wood, University of Derby

Scrolling past the headlines: identifying and understanding news-disinterested youth

Speakers: Hanne Peeters and Kristin Van Damme, Universiteit Gent

Mediated news in Taiwanese society: a generational perspective

Speaker: Ssu-Han Yu, National Chengchi University

4:15pm - 4:30pmClosing remarks and questions


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