Published: 25 January 2017

Top jobs with a Biosciences degree

Find out what you could do with a degree in biosciences and discover some of the jobs Surrey graduates have secured in the field over the past few years.

Students in a laboratory

A degree in Biosciences at Surrey can prepare you for a wide range of careers, from the more scientific and technical roles taught through biomedicine and microbiology to teaching and science journalism.

There is a wide range of transferrable skills and topics that you can choose to study that can help you direct your future career.

The placement has made me much more confident and experienced in my lab work, and has given me more insight into what I might do after my studies - Gareth Raynes, BSc Microbiology

Careers with a biosciences degree

Surrey biosciences and medicine graduates have taken up a wide variety of roles such as research associates, chemists, microbiologists, biomedical scientists and laboratory technicians. Some of the companies they have joined include GlaxoSmithKline, Procter & Gamble, Cancer Research UK and many hospitals across the country.

Many students have chosen to continue study through Masters degrees in microbiology and medicine and Phd qualifications in a wide range of subjects. Some have also decided to progress into medical and dental programmes.

Biosciences and medicine graduate jobs

In recent years, our biosciences and medicine graduates have secured roles including:

  • Quality Engineer, The Body Shop (2015 graduate)
  • Clinical Data Manager, Institute of Cancer Research (2015 graduate)
  • Biomedical Scientist, Plymouth Hospital (2015 graduate)

The skills learnt during my placement year were among the main reasons why I was offered my current job. Without having done a placement, I might be somewhere quite different today - Shalimar Ali, BEng Medical Engineering, class of 2014

  • Genetic Scientist, Barts and the London Genome Centre (2014 graduate)
  • Research Assistant, University of Oxford Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics (2014 graduate)
  • Research & Development Flavourist, Food Base Kft (2014 graduate)

Three years after finishing my placement, I can say that I benefitted greatly from it. I learnt so much, especially about how to find and interpret research on a variety of subjects, allowing me to effectively learn about new subjects quickly - Rowan Softley, Biochemistry graduate

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