Newtons' Scholarship 2023 entry

Newtons’ Undergraduate Scholarship in mathematics is now open to receive applications from UK students applying to study any undergraduate degree led by the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Surrey in 2023.


Newtons’ Undergraduate Scholarship in Mathematics has been established by Paul and Jenny Newton, both of whom studied mathematics as undergraduates at the University of Surrey.

This scholarship provides £3,000 a year for up to three years, plus £1,000 for a Professional Training Year/ Placement if undertaken. The scholarship aims to encourage and support students from lower income backgrounds on any undergraduate degree programme led by the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Surrey:

  • Mathematics BSc (Hons)/MMath
  • Mathematics with Statistics BSc (Hons)/MMath
  • Mathematics with Music BSc (Hons)
  • Financial Mathematics BSc (Hons).

Students can receive this scholarship in addition to other scholarships, as well as any other bursary, prize and award for which they are eligible, if successful.

Laura, a previous recipient, explains, “Having Newtons’ scholarship has allowed me to be financially secure throughout my time at university. This security has allowed me to focus on my studies and, because of this, I have been able to achieve grades I’m very happy with. I have not needed to find part-time work to pay for rent or living expenses. I have instead used this spare time to study an extra course in British Sign Language, have taken on the role of course representative this year, and have begun to learn how to drive.”

Eligibility criteria

  • Open to any eligible UK student
  • Full-time study required
  • Have an offer to study at undergraduate level any subject/s led by the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Surrey
  • Have household income of no more than £35,000.

How to apply

The Newtons’ Scholarship application form must be completed and submitted by the deadline date, which is 8 October 2023.

Please send completed application form to

Please note: Only the successful applicant will be advised of the outcome of their application during the first semester. Unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted.

Application form

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Application deadline

Contact details

For further information please contact the Bursaries and Scholarships team.

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